10 Cute Date Ideas To Try Around ISU

Now, I know that I might be a little inexperienced in the dating department, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think about cute date ideas. I know that being stuck on a college campus might not always be ideal when trying to plan a cute date. But fear not fellow Redbirds, I am here to help. Here are the top 10 cute date ideas to try around ISU!

1. Walk around Uptown Normal.

This is literally a few minutes from campus and it is the perfect place to go on a date. There are plenty of places to eat and walk around. You can grab a bite to eat at Windy City Wieners and afterwards head to Emack and Bolios and grab some ice cream and eat it in the grassy roundabout in the middle of town. Or, even just walk around Uptown and look at all the shops.


2. Visit Normal Theater.

Speaking of Uptown, if you and your date love old movies, I suggest heading to the Normal Theater. Usually, the theater plays pretty old movies, but there are some good ones. Sometimes, they do show more recent movies like Mean Girls or Batman. You just have to check the schedules.

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3. Have a picnic on the ISU quad!

ISU’s quad is pretty beautiful during the spring and summer months and early on in the fall so why not grab a blanket and some food and head out and sit among the flowers and trees.

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4. Attend a UPB Event.

There are constantly events going on around the ISU campus so why not turn one into a date? When the annual concert comes around, take your date. Or, head to the football stadium for a movie screening. There are so many fun events to go to that would make a cute date idea.

5. See a Theater Production.

A few times a year, there are productions put on by the students. If you and your potential date enjoy live theater, I recommend checking it out. A lot of times, they put on some really good shows that tons of people enjoy.

6. Attend the Gamma Phi Circus.

If live productions such as plays or musicals aren’t really your thing or your dates, I suggest checking out the Gamma Phi Circus. They are the oldest collegiate circus in the country and they are pretty amazing. They usually perform 2-3 shows at ISU in the spring and it would really be a memorable date to go on.


7. Visit the Art Gallery.

If your date enjoys art, surprise them with a trip to the Art Gallery located in Uptown Normal right by the Amtrak. It is a pretty small gallery but filled with some pretty amazing art.

8. Be each other’s gym buddy!

If you and your date enjoy working out, why not be gym buddies and head to the rec center.

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9. Head to a game.

Whether it be football or basketball or any other sport. If you and your date enjoy sports why not go and watch a game?

10. Rent bikes around ISU!

You can rent bikes from the rec so why not? Take your date on a bike ride around campus. Ride through the quad and maybe stop for a picnic? (Combine with #3) Or just ride around the campus and Uptown and do some exploring.

What are some other date ideas to try around ISU? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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