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10 Cute Date Ideas To Try Around Ball State

10 Cute Date Ideas To Try Around Ball State

10 Cute Date Ideas To Try Around Ball State

Welcome to Ball State, located in the small town of Muncie, Indiana. Or as us returning college kiddos like to sarcastically call it, Funcie. While our school may be nestled into a small town, don’t let that fool you into thinking there aren’t enough options for a good time. So go grab a date and explore our campus and the town of Muncie with these 10 cute date ideas!

1. Grab a slice at Greek’s Pizza.

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab a bite, then Greek’s pizza is the place to go! This pizza joint is a staple for all Ball State students, and it’s the perfect place to take your date for a quick lunch or a midnight snack.

2. Take your date to the Whisper Wall.

Want to show your date a cool place on campus? There’s no better place to go than the whisper wall! Have your date stand on one side of the wall while you stand on the other, and whisper a cute message to them. Watch the surprise on their face when they’re able to hear your whisper on the other side.



3. Visit the David Owsley Art Museum.

Want to see some amazing art, but don’t want to travel too far to get to a gallery? No worries, just head to the David Owsley Art Museum conveniently located on campus. It’s right in the quad, so it’s impossible to miss. The museum is filled with many people pieces, and often exhibits many galleries that are free – or reduced in price – for Ball State students!

4. Stroll through downtown Muncie.

While the small town of Muncie may not have the speed and allure of cite life, there are hidden gems throughout the town that can leave you and your date walking away with a big small on your faces. If all else fails, you can always hit the mall and have lunch at Panera Bread of Buffalo Wild Wings.


5. Take a walk through Minnetrista.

Perhaps you and your date like a variety of things, and are a tad bit indecisive. Well then, Minnetrista is the perfect spot for you! While Minnetrista is known for its gardens and nature area it offers, it is also home to lots of historical documents and offers programming, workshops, and exhibits. It’s impossible to be bored here!


6. Go to Late Nite and don’t worry about spending a dime.

Looking for a night of fun and excitement, but don’t want to travel too far to find it? The solution is simple. Take your date to late nite! Late Nite is a fun event hosted by Ball State. It’s free for Ball State students and takes place every Saturday. Not only are there different games, events, and food, but each Saturday boasts a different theme! So go out and have a great time.


7. Visit the Rinard Orchard Greenhouse.

If you and your date are into nature and enjoy observing and taking pictures of different species of flowers, then the Rinard Orchard Greenhouse is the place for you. It’s conveniently located on campus and is a beautiful place to walk with your date. They also offer free meditation sessions on Wednesday afternoons, and various other programs that can prove fun for you and your date.


8. Watch the Friday Night Filmworks.

Friday Night Filmworks is the perfect option for all those movie buff couples. Every Friday night, Ball State puts on a free showing of the newest movies. Concessions are only 50 cents, and it’s only $1 for someone who isn’t a Ball State student. So grab your date, buy some popcorn, and go enjoy a free screening of the latest movies.

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9. Play Capture The Flag!

Do you and your date want to take a break from the traditional date night and do something a bit more exciting? Then go out and play capture the flag! Ball State’s student organization UGL hosts capture the flag every Friday night. To make things even more interesting, their games of capture the flag make use of nerf guns, sock grenades, and melee weapons of your choice. So get out and enjoy a fun and exciting night!



10. Kiss by Benny to see if your date is your true love.

The final and ultimate date night idea is to take your date over to Beneficence at the end of the night. Campus lore has it that the way to find out if your date is your one true love is to sit under Benny and kiss your date with your eyes closed. If Benny’s wings flap, then the love is meant to be! If her wings don’t flap, then the love isn’t true. Are you brave enough to find out what Benny says about your date?

What are some other cute date ideas to try around Ball State? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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