10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around The University Of Oregon

10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around The University Of Oregon

Money is tight in college, but lucky for us Ducks, there’s an abundance of affordable dating locations on or close to campus that just might save your relationship. Keep reading to discover ten cute date ideas to do around University of Oregon!

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1. Sizzle pie.

This pizza place is a UO student favorite. With vegetarian, vegan, and meat lover options, there’s something for everyone.




2. Saturday Market.

Do you like live music, handcrafted goods, and food carts? Then the Saturday market is for you! Be sure to visit in November and December for some holiday cheer.



3. See a play, dance performance, or music concert.

The University Theater is always opening with new plays and musicals that are both entertaining and FREE for students! Music concerts ranging from electronic pop to classical orchestral in the Beall Performance Hall are also a great option, usually starting at $5.00. The Gerlinger Annex showcases its best dancers in several annual performances throughout the year. Performances range from $0-$8.00.



4. Athletic games.

UO is famous for its athletic program, so it’s a given that the games are always amazing. Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, there are events for you, like the acrobatics and tumbling team! You only need to raffle for the football and men’s basketball tickets, so every other sporting event is FREE with your UO ID card.

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5. On campus museums.

There are two museums on campus. There is the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, which is perfect for art geeks and located across from the Knight Library. There’s also the Museum of Natural and Cultural History which is perfect for the history nuts. Both museums house several exhibits ranging from modern artwork to 300-million-year-old fossils.

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6. Spencer’s Butte.

Oregon has some of the best scenic views in the nation, so why not go hiking to get a really good look? If you aren’t afraid to get a little sweaty on your first date, then Spencer’s butte- 2,058 feet of rocky, uphill hiking- is your scene.

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See Also

7. Valley River Mall.

Couples who shop together, stay together.

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8. Willamette River.

There are several places along the Willamette river to picnic and float. Perfect date idea for the days that are sunny and warm.

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9. Shelton McMurphey Johnson House.

Is your life ambition to have tea in a castle? This “castle on the hill” historical attraction is both romantic and full of antique furnishings. You can schedule private tea times and live like royalty.

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10. Hendricks Park.

With 78 acres of beautiful landscaping, Hendricks Park provides the perfect Instagramming opportunities for the photogenic couples who love picnics and flowers.

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Did you enjoy this list of ten cute date ideas to do around University of Oregon? Do you have any to add? Comment below!
Featured image source: greekrush.com and uwire.com
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