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10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around UCO

Whenever I was dating in the past at UCO, I always wanted to do something besides going out to eat at the same restaurant or going to the movies at the same movie theater; I felt like it was doing bland and doesn’t make things interesting in a relationship. Now that I’m engaged to a wonderful young man who shares similar values and beliefs that I do, everything we do together is an exciting adventure.

Whether we’re eating out at a restaurant we’ve never been to before or simply running errands, we never get bored. Dating in college can be a life-altering experience in the sense that you have a world of opportunities waiting for you behind a plethora of doors. If you’re ready to venture out into the dating dimension or commit yourself to a relationship with that special someone, you want to keep things interesting. To help get you started, here’s a list of ten cute dates ideas to do around UCO!

1. Choose from over 500 soda flavors at the retro landmark Pops 66 Soda Ranch.

This retro landmark diner and gas station is a quick, fifteen minute drive east of UCO. The most prominent features showcasing the distinctive attraction are the cantilever roof protruding over the gas pumps and the colossal, 66-foot tall neon sign shaped like a pop bottle. The easiest way to navigate to Pops if you live in Edmond is by simply driving East towards Arcadia Lake on 2nd Street and reaching the landmark on your right.

The shop has over 500 different soda flavors to choose from, and their burgers and milkshakes in the eat-in diner are to die for. While gathering up a collection of sodas of your choice can be a bit pricey, (a 6-pack costs less than $20), it’s worthwhile to experiment, try something new, and create memories with your special someone at this peculiar destination off Historic Route 66.


2. Relax and listen to some live music at the UCO Jazz Lab.

The UCO Jazz Lab is a unique venue that serves three primary purposes: as an education facility for jazz studies, a popular music venue, and a haven for creating music. Witnessing various performances at the Lab is a popular weekend destination for music enthusiasts, and you have the option of ordering pizza from the Hideaway Pizza Shop next door. Tickets are relatively low-cost and they help benefit the school, the Jazz Lab, and the performers themselves.



3. Attend a night at the theater at UCO Mitchell Hall.

Another popular performance venue in Edmond, UCO Mitchell Hall has been the school’s primary performing arts venue since 1932. The venue showcases the talents of students from the Dance and Theatre Arts departments and the School of Music’s theatrical productions and concerts. Located right on campus on North University Drive, you and your sweetheart can dress up if you wish to and spend a wonderful, relaxing evening at the theater.

4. Pack a picnic at Fink Park.

Fink Park is an adorable, natural getaway located right across the street from the main entrance of the school off of 2nd Street and North University Drive. Pack your special someone’s favorite kinds of sandwiches and snacks and find a spot in the park where you two can enjoy each other’s company among the gorgeous trees and solitude.


5. Explore the Heard on Hurd Food Truck Festival.

I love food, and I’m not afraid to show it. When I go to the Heard on Hurd Food Truck Festival, my inner fat child is screaming, “YAAAAAAAASSS.” Heard on Hurd is a monthly food-lover’s heaven that occurs every third Saturday of the month from March through October from 6 pm to 10 pm. Apart from the food trucks, there’s also live music and shopping in the adorable shops located downtown. By exploring each food truck, you and your sweetheart can explore each other’s personal tastes and what you like and don’t like you. Plus, it’s always fun to people watch.


6. Attend a movie at Kickingbird Movie Theater.

This quaint little cinema is my all-time favorite place to go to the movies- strictly because of how cozy it is. Kickingbird Cinema is a great place to go out on a date; it’s inexpensive, possesses a warm, friendly atmosphere, and it’s just around the corner from the UCO campus.

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7. Spend a day at the Edmond Historical Society and Museum.

This museum is one of the most underrated places in the city, but it’s perfect for history buffs like my fiancé and me. You have the opportunity to witness what your college city was like back in the day and how people lived their daily lives. It’s a great bonding experience for you and your special someone!

8. Explore downtown Edmond with a scavenger hunt.

You and your sweetheart can each create a list for what the other person has to find in the shops of downtown Edmond in a certain amount of time. Whoever finds all of their items first has to buy dinner for the other person.


9. Go bowling at Boulevard Lanes.

Boulevard Lanes is a great place to see each other’s competitive and fun side. Located near 33rd and Boulevard, the bowling alley is continuously clean and is a chill, relaxing environment for college students.


10. Go stargazing.

Grab a blanket and head out to a grassy spot on campus and talk about everything you can. Look up at the beautiful night sky and observe those tiny, twinkling lights. Pray, talk about your biggest dreams and goals for the future, your families, your friends, likes and dislikes, simply what’s on your mind. Let your minds dance and twirl together with pleasant beauty and passion.


What are some other great date ideas to do around UCO? Comment below and share this article with other students!
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Katrina Nutter

Katrina is an aspiring writer and entrepreneur who currently attends the University of Central Oklahoma as an English student minoring in Creative Writing. Apart from writing and working on her freelance business, Katrina is an introvert who enjoys reading, antique and thrift shopping, explore old towns, and spend time with her loved ones. She resides in Edmond with her husband and three cats.

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