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10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around UCF

Finding places to spend with someone special is difficult as it is at times, but when you are away at school it can be even more difficult. Keep reading for 10 places where you can spend time with your special someone around the UCF campus!

1. Visit the Reflection Pond at knight.

The reflection pond is the perfect place for a date on campus. It is beautifully lit up at knight and breezy so you won’t have to worry about being hot.


2. Enjoy a margarita (or two) at Chili’s.

Chili’s will be opening sometime during the Fall 2016 semester in the Student Union. Who doesn’t love a good 2 for $20 deal?



3. Grab a hammock and head to Memory Mall.

Memory Mall is a huge grassy area located directly behind the Student Union. I’ve seen couples laying together on these numerous times.

Tip: You can either do this during the day or at knight. Of course I would recommend doing it at knight because Orlando’s heat is no joke.


4. Picnic for two, anyone?

UCF’s campus is huge; therefore, you have lots of options for a picnic. You can picnic at Memory Mall, the Reflection Pond, or Lake Claire just to name a few.


5. That reminds me…go kayaking on Lake Claire.

Lake Claire offers numerous events to choose from. You can have lunch at one of the pavilion’s or be even cuter and go Kayaking in the lake.

Tip: Keep an eye out for special events that they often offer. *Register online through UCF’s Recreation and Wellness Center online.


6. If you’re feeling adventurous head over to the Ropes Course.

If you and your significant other like to live life on the wild side, try going to the Ropes Course on campus.

*Register online through UCF’s Recreation and Wellness Center online.


7. Cheer on a UCF sporting event.

College has a wide range of sports unlike high school. There is always a sport in season and you can discover something that you really like! If you attend a basketball game who knows—you may end up on the kiss cam.

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8. Go to Universal Studios…for free…

Every year UCF hands out tickets to students to attend Universal Studios. The lines are super long so it can be like two dates. One date impatiently waiting in line together and another date making a lot of memories at Universal Studios…FOR FREE!!!



9. Grab some beers and a burger at Burger U!

This is a restaurant at UCF. They serve great burgers and sometime host fun game knights!! So if you’re looking for a night out head on over to Burger U—there’s always something going on.


10. Stroll around campus at knight.

This is the most basic of them all but who cares? Everyone loves taking a stroll and catching up. If you get tired of walking call S.E.P.S to drive you back to your room—it’s like Uber but for UCF.


Where are some other good spots to go on a date at UCF? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Laurie Jackson

Laurie Jackson is a student at the University of Central Florida (go Knights)! She is studying Elementary Education because she loves kids and want to make an impact on the community. In her spare time she blogs, shops, and spends time with her family.

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