10 Cute Date Ideas Around Temple University

Bored of sitting in your apartment or dorm with your significant other on a beautiful day? Want to do something entertaining and spontaneous with your BF/GF but don’t want it to be too expensive? Temple is full of incredibly fun and inexpensive date ideas all around campus! Here are 10 cute date ideas around Temple University!


1. Visit one of the great diners for breakfast.

The hardest part about diner food is picking which restaurant you want to get it from because they’re all so good! Two amazing diners around Temple University include Champ’s Diner and Owl Breakfast and Lunch. Both have more information on their Facebook pages.


2. Grab a bite at a Food Truck.

Food is ALWAYS a good idea. All food trucks on campus are open during the day, but some are open late into the night, like the Halal trucks and Insomnia Cookie. Whether you’re meeting up for lunch on campus or want to grab a quick and cheap, but still incredibly delicious meal after the sun goes down, take a walk around campus and find one you like!

3. Rent a movie from Temple Library’s Media Services.

One of the best parts about Temple’s Library is that we have an entire Blockbuster in the basement. Not only can you rent your favorite TV shows, but you can’t pick up the latest film that you’ve been dying to see. Spend a night in with your sweetheart and see a new or old movie!

4. Want to go out and catch a flick instead? Go to the theater!

Around Temple University, we’re fortunate enough to have our own movie theater directly across from Morgan North, which means if you don’t want to lay in bed and watch a movie on your laptop, you can enjoy a movie in the comfort of The Pearl Theater at Avenue North. Movies are only $6 on Tuesdays!

5. Day trip to a local museum or an exhibit/showing on Temple’s campus.

Most museums are only a subway ride away, but the Wagner Free Institute of Science is down the street on Montgomery Ave. Throughout the year, Temple’s art school or film school also host events and productions which are usually free for students or under $10.

6. Cheer on your fellow Temple Owls at a sporting event.

Tickets for games can be bought at the door for Football and Basketball but access is free for most other sports. If you get a Wild Cherry Pass you can get tickets for other students for $10.


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7. Rent a CityBike and go for a ride.

A lot of students have their own bikes on campus, but if you don’t, you can always rent a CityBike! Another great perk about what’s around Temple University is that you can easily get to Center City by taking Broad Street or you could just ride around campus. We conveniently have a CityBike parking station right on the corner of 13th and Montgomery St and also on the side of Fresh Grocer!

8. Go to a coffee shop for a study date.

There are a ton of low-key coffee shops around Temple, such as Jazzman’s or Lucky Cup, which are open and ready to fuel your caffeine addiction but also help you focus on your homework. You could also hit up the Starbucks in the Tech Center or Saxby’s on Liacouras. Nothing is more romantic than sitting in a coffee shop and helping each other study!


9. Attend one of Center City’s seasonal events.

Every season holds something new for Center City’s very own Dilworth Park. Whether it’s the pop-up ice skating rink in the winter or the weekly farmer’s markets in the summer, it’s bustling with energy and free events—and on the plus side? It’s only a few subway stops away!

10. Visit free/low-cost museums and exhibits around Philadelphia.

“First Friday Free” in Old City is to showcase the beautiful art scene that is emerging on the first Friday of every month. Galleries are opened and shops are welcoming so artists and art-admirers of all kind can come and enjoy. “Pay What You Wish” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is on the first Wednesday of every month and all amounts of donations are excepted to enter the museum.

Did you enjoy these 10 cute date ideas around Temple University? Share your thoughts and comment below!
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