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25 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Around SJU

25 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Around SJU

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Everyone knows that with college comes a whole new dating pool. That means plenty of opportunities to get creative from where you go to what you do. Here I have ten fun and different date ideas around SJU you can do for your next date, whether it be on campus or off. Now let’s have some fun!

This is a collaborative piece by: Shelby Warren and Ana Vicens

1. Great Lawn Picnic.

To have a picnic date, all you really need are four basic things; a location, a blanket, some food, and, of course, a date. St. John’s has location covered with the beautiful Great Lawn outside of St. Augustine Hall. The food can be anything you want, not just stuff you have to make yourself. Get Chinese takeout, Double J’s sandwiches, pizza from Regina’s, whatever you want! That’s the beauty of such a customizable date; it can be as unique as you are while still being simple to put together.

2. Queens Zoo.

I don’t know who decided that after a certain age we’re too old to go to the zoo, but they’re wrong. Going to the zoo is a great, lighthearted date idea that anyone should be able to enjoy! Eat popcorn, check out some sea lions, visit some of their hands-on exhibits throughout the park that allow you to interact with the animals, and maybe wrap up the date with a visit to the Sea Lion Store and Café! Visit their website for information about a student discount.


3. New York Hall of Science.

For the people who like a little education with their date, the New York Hall of Science is a date spot a friend of mine recently approved for this article; it’s a facility filled with interesting exhibits that are sure to start a conversation with your date, about anything from space to chemistry. Be sure to check out the museum website ahead of time to check out the tons of exhibits and pick what you definitely can’t miss. Bring your SJU StormCard and get your tickets at a discount!


4. Queens Botanical Garden.

Living in New York can sometimes make you feel a little disconnected from nature. For those of you really feeling homesick for a greener, flourishing environment, I highly recommend the Queen’s Botanical Garden for your next date. With a tranquil, calming atmosphere you and your date can have whispered conversations amongst the plant life, or can study and read together. Visit the admissions section of their website for free hours’ details, or simply bring your StormCard for a discounted price.




5. Any SJU Sporting Event.

Now we can’t have a date ideas list without the classic sports date. Whether you like basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, or soccer, St. John’s probably has just the game you and your date are dying to see. So don your SJU colors and go support our university at your favorite sporting event!



6. SJU Trail and Pokémon Hunt.

Of course with the new PokémonGo app out, more people are getting out of the house (or dorm) and meeting other people who love Pokémon as much as they do. So I thought that a great date idea for on campus would be to walk along the SJU running path with your date and catch Pokémon together! You’ve got some nerdy activity involved as well as some physical activity; what could be better?

7. Local Café Date.

You can never really go wrong with a classic café date can you? St. John’s has a plethora of really amazing restaurants and cafés around, all you have to do is look! I recommend downloading Foursquare to see what’s close by, open, in your price range and has what you want to eat. That way you and your date can choose together, or you can impress your date with your restaurant finding skills!



8. Queens Museum.

The Queens Museum was previously known as the Queens Museum of Art, and contains a vast selection of galleries to immerse yourself in. Do you and your date love art, or do they love art and you just love them being happy? Well this is your perfect place. And don’t forget, bring your StormCard; students of New York colleges receive free admission!



9. Citi Field Concert.

For all the music junkies out there, you’re in luck! Citi Field is not that far from St. John’s, and they often host concerts and music festivals! Here you can find everything from the Zac Brown Band to EDC New York, offering the ultimate concert date experience without having to travel deep into downtown Manhattan. Be sure to keep an eye out for concert announcements from your favorite bands, cause they might be coming next!



10. Movie Theatre Date.

And no, I’m not talking a Netflix and Chill date, I mean an honest to goodness trip to the movie theatre, picking the newest one you have to see, smuggling in candy, buying popcorn, the whole nine yards. As cliché as it may seem, it’s a great date idea that’s simple and fun to execute. Who doesn’t like to see a movie?

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11. The High Line

One of the most beloved spots in the city, the High Line is a great option to visit with that special someone… and it’s free too! If you’re not ready for the date to end, you can visit the Whitney Museum, one of the many cute restaurants in the area, or even the Chelsea Market.



12. Martha’s Country Bakery

This homey bakery can be found in several spots around Queens: Forest Hills, Astoria, and Bayside. Each day they bake everything from scratch, from Red Velvet cupcakes to apple pie. Their goal is to “bring you back to a time when a bite of something sweet could make the world a little brighter.” How cute is that?



13. Queens Botanical Garden

The Queens Botanical Garden is a small, but beautiful place to visit. Whether it’s the dead of winter, or a warm summer day, there is always something to do here. You can walk for hours admiring the flora or you can visit one of the exhibitions they put on throughout the year. They also offer crafting activities, intimate concerts, and workshops of all kinds perfect for anyone!

14. Eddie’s Sweet Shoppe

If you’re one of those people that swears they were born in the wrong era, you definitely need to visit Eddie’s Sweet Shoppe in Forest Hills. The old school ice cream parlor has been around for almost half a century and is truly a picture straight out of the 1960’s. Not only are their treats all home made, but they are also delicious. But beware, you might become slightly obsessed!



15. Long Island City Piers

Whether this is your first, only, or last stop on a date, the LIC Piers are a great spot with an amazing view. The skyline is truly mesmerizing and the possibilities for Insta-worthy pictures are endless. Take a stroll through the piers, or visit one of the various rooftop restaurant with a view. Just don’t forget to pose in front of the famous Pepsi Cola sign to commemorate your visit.



16. Jack and Nellie’s

If you’re looking for an intimate, romantic setting, Jack and Nellie’s in Forest Hills is just the place! With it’s dim lights, friendly staff, and variety of wine and beer options, this restaurant is sure to impress your date. After your meal, make your way down Austin Street and explore the many establishments in the area.


17. MoMA

As one of the most famous museums in the world, the Museum of Modern Art is home to some amazing pieces and exhibitions. This date is perfect for the artsy type… or to give the impression that you’re cultured and ~deep~.



18. Kew Gardens Cinema

This movie theater is a classic Queens gem. This theater is nostalgic and unique, and their selection of films is quite incredible. If you like old movies or indie films, Kew Garden Cinemas has exactly what you’re looking for, even when you don’t know you’re looking for it. It’s old fashioned decor and great prices also makes it a cute date spot.


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19. Brunch in Astoria 

Brunch is undoubtedly one of the best things in life (don’t fight me on this) and New York City is home to some of the most amazing brunch spots up to date. But did you know that Astoria, the up and coming Queens neighborhood, has really stepped up their game on the brunch department? From Sanford’s to Queens Comfort, it’s the place to go.

20. Museum of the Moving Image 


Another artsy option (and one that’s right in Queens) is the Museum of the Moving Image. This museum features a ton of props used in the film and TV industry for years, including cameras and sound systems of the technological side, wigs and outfits on the costume side, and sketches of sets and scripts on the more technical side. After your visit you can have lunch or dinner around Astoria or take your pals shopping down Steinway Street!


21. Flushing- Chinatown 


For a date that’s a little out of the ordinary, try visiting Flushing’s Chinatown, debatably the best in all of New York City! This is a great place for authentic and delicious Chinese food and for some cool pictures to post on your Snapchat story. The bustling environment and the great food will definitely make this date on to remember.


22. Bayside Diner


A simple, but endearing restaurant, Bayside Diner is the perfect place for a nonchalant and casual date or for midnight coffee and cake runs with your best friend. It also helps that the sandwiches here are amazing.

23. New Museum 

This museum offers unique and visually appealing exhibits meant to evoke deep emotions and encourage creativity. The interactive art pieces are very different from the norm, perfect for a date with that hipster you hit it off with on the train the other day.



24. Caffe Bene


If you don’t want to stray too far from campus (or you forgot to refill your Metro Card) have no fear, you can always cross the street to Caffe Bene. This is a cute, little place perfect for a casual coffee date with the cute boy/girl from Philosophy, or a chill spot to hang with your friends. In all honesty, you can never go wrong with good coffee and yummy pastries!


25. Ice Skating


You might think that ice skating is just a seasonal thing here in New York but I’m here to tell you it’s not! You can visit the World Ice Arena or the City Ice Pavilion in Queens at any time of the year to take lessons, sign up for a hockey team, or practice your twirls on the ice all for under $15 per person.

Which of these date ideas around SJU is your favorite? Comment below and be sure to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!
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