10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around SBU


Seawolves, looking for super cute places to take your sweetie without having to travel too far or too long? Fortunately, there are some great places around The Brook for love that’s as red hot as your Seawolves sweatshirt. You need to give these places a try for your next date night. Here are ten cute date ideas to do around SBU!

1. Try the Cheesecake Factory at Smith Haven Mall.

Yep, you and your s.o. can get your hands on some delicious cheesecake deserts without having to drive fifty miles — it’s located about 12 minutes away right at the Smith Haven Mall. The best way to anyone’s heart is cheesecake!





2. Grab some sushi at J Club at the Jasmine Food Court.

J Club is a sushi buffet on campus in the Wang Center. It pretty much feels like eating inside a restaurant and, don’t worry, even though it’s inside the Jasmine Food Court it’s still separate from everything else for a totally ~exclusive~ feel for your date.



3. See a movie at the Staller Center.

Sitting on the grass under the evening sky snuggling with your boyfriend or girlfriend while you watch “Deadpool” is a great (and costless) date idea that’s also right on campus. Bring a blanket if you don’t like sitting on actual grass (or to romantically wrap around your girlfriend if she gets cold!).



4. Try out the Hauppauge Diner.

Diners are great places for a quick bite in a cozy environment — especially if your date is a fan of delicious burgers, fries, and milkshakes! It’s a short drive from campus, so you won’t have to go too far. You can also come here for a breakfast date.




5. Go bowling in Port Jefferson.

Port Jefferson is just a $3 LIRR ticket away from campus, so it’s a really accessible town. Go to the bowling alley that’s a short walk away from the LIRR station. Bowling is a super fun activity, and you don’t even have to worry about being good or bad at it because it’s all in good fun.




6. Grab a margarita at Chili’s!

Fortunately, there’s a Chili’s less than 15 minutes away from campus. Yes, you’re going to need a car because the campus buses don’t go there, but it’s super worth it. There are so many delicious menu options and the atmosphere is great for talking, laughing, and bonding over guacamole and chips!




7. Another favorite chain restaurant…Carrabba’s!

In case you’re wondering, yes, there are a lot of great chain restaurants around The Brook and Carrabba’s is one of them. If you and your date love Italian, this should definitely be your first pick!


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8. Walk along the beach!

The Stony Brook Beach is only a five minute drive away from school — yay! Some fun in the sun is a great date idea, even if you end up getting sunburned! To make things even more romantic, stay for the sunset!




9. Chat over coffee at Witch’s Brew.

Witch’s Brew is actually in Hempstead, but if your date is really into teas and old century decor (who isn’t??) then this is a great pick to show how thoughtful you are. There aren’t too many places in the area that are this unique so this is definitely something special.




10. Watch a sunset at Port Jefferson docks.

This is also a cute spot to watch a warm sunset. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can buy a ticket for the Port Jefferson ferry ($18 for adults). You can totally have a Jack and Rose moment even if you just stay on the docks!


Where will you take your loved one after reading this list of ten cute date ideas to do around SBU? Share and comment below!
Featured image source: meetattrent.com and sbstatesman.com