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10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around Rutgers

There are a lot of things to focus on at school. While you have to work hard in your classes, you should also work to maintain the fun in your relationship. Here are some great date ideas for you and your current or potential significant other to do around Rutgers.

1.  A picnic at Passion Puddle.

According to legends, if a couple walks around the pond three times, they will get married. Whether this is true or not, Passion Puddle is a great place for a picnic. It is a pleasant place to hang out and enjoy nature, especially with a date.


2. A trip to the movies.

A small change from a Netflix date, spend the extra $7.00 each to see the newest movies. Just across the street from the Livingston Plaza bus stop, it’s easy to get to and a date that requires little planning.

3. A study date.

Everyone knows that it’s hard to plan a date when the course work starts to pile up. If your significant other can’t get out of the library to see you, go to them. You might not be able to help with the studying, but a companion makes it more bearable.

4. A walk around Rutgers gardens.

When the weather is in your favor, a great date destination is the Rutgers Gardens. The Gardens contain nearly two dozen different garden areas. Walking with your date in this beautiful place is sure to be a memorable adventure.

5. A dinner date on George Street.

If you’re not one for nature, perhaps you’d enjoy dinner at one of George Street’s many restaurants. Of course you’re not restrained to this area, but the EE bus stops right in the center of this hub. With Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, American venues within steps of each other, there’s something for everyone.


6. A sporting event.

If you and your significant other are true Scarlet Knights, then a great place to bond is a sports event. You can get your free tickets through the lottery for nearly any game. Even if it’s not football season, there are soccer matches, basketball games, and many more sports to choose from.

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7. Workout together.

Just by showing off your student ID, you can use any of Rutgers’ gyms. Working out with your significant other may push you both to work harder. You might be tempted to flex the whole time, but don’t over work yourselves just to prove your strength. Enjoy spending time with each other instead.

8. A night at the theater.

If you didn’t know, Rutgers sports two main theatrical groups. The Livingston Theater Company and Cabaret Theatre put on several shows each throughout the school year. Whether it’s a comedy or drama, it’s an easy and enjoyable date night.

9. A visit to the museum.

Rutgers is home to the Zimmerli Art Museum, the home for over 60,000 pieces. The museum is free for Rutgers students. A date here will be a great way to focus on something other than school and see the amazing artwork.


10. A lunch date at the dining hall.

This is the perfect solution for busy couples and my go-to date. It’s so relaxing to sit with your significant other in the middle of a day full of classes. You can both put the books and laptops away so you can catch up, talk about what you’ve been doing and just enjoy spending time with each other. And maybe you can use this time to plan your next date.

Did you enjoy this list of date ideas to do around Rutgers? Do you have anything to add? Comment below!
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