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10 Great Date Ideas To Try Around Ohio University

10 Great Date Ideas To Try Around Ohio University

Dating can be tricky when you are away at school and are not sure of where the best places to go are. It is important to know so you can find the perfect spot to hang with that special someone. Keep reading for ten cute date ideas to do around Ohio University!

1. Go bowling at Rollerbowl Lanes.

Rollerbowl Lanes is a great place to test your bowling skills! It’s cheap, and it releases stress to throw a ball at some pins. Or it increases stress if you get a gutterball. Hey, at least you’re with someone you enjoy.

2. Hike to Bong Hill.

Bong hill is a steep hike, but when you reach the top, you get to see an overview of Athens. You can lay out a blanket with your romantic partner, and watch the sunset; it’s my favorite place in Athen.


3. Ping’s rock climbing wall.

Rainy day? Try going to the Ping gym and check out the rock climbing wall. You can show off your keen physical abilities…or fail halfway up. It’s OK if you mess up, because there are three other paths to try!


4. Go to a football game.

Football games are a great place for a date! You can share some popcorn and watch the Bobcats go for a win! Our marching 110 is also a must-see at halftime too!


5. Sing with your date at Karaoke!

The Smiling Skull Saloon has karaoke nights every Wednesday at 8:30pm! So grab your date, buy a drink or two, and sing that one song you love blasting in your car with your date.

6. Watch a movie at the Athena!

The Athena features films that aren’t on Netflix or Hulu. It’s great to support your local cinema, and it’s a lovely theater. I watched Spotlight and enjoyed it very much.



7. Check out the local coffee shops.

Athens has three great local coffee shops: Whit’s Frozen Custard (It’s a coffee shop during the day), Brenen’s Coffee Cafe and Donkey Coffee. I personally like Donkey Coffee drinks better, but Brenen’s Coffee Cafe has delicious muffins.


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8. Go to a dance party at Casa Nueva!

Casa Nueva has themed dance parties, like ‘80s night, and International dance night! So put on your funky clothes and dance shoes, and dance like nobody’s watching, except for your date. There is also bands that play there too!

8. Hike at the Ridges!

The Ridges is a great area to hike. However, if you and your partner are feeling daring, then you both should check out the insane asylum or cemetery here. Students state that it’s haunted, and the cemetery is theorized to be an old witches meeting place, since the gravestones are constructed in a circular fashion. 



9. Take a walk on the Hockhocking Adena Bike Path!

If you and your date are looking for a calm, easy walk together, then the bike path is perfect. It’s not very hilly, and is lined with light posts for most of the way. In addition, there are blossoming trees and a canal that are also along the path, providing a very scenic walk with your date.

10. Pet a cat at the Board of Elections office on Court Street.

If all else fails, there is an adorable cat in the Board of Elections office on Court street. It’s name is Pumpkin, and loves attention (unlike some cats).

What are some other date ideas to do around Ohio University? Share and comment below!
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