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10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around Kent State

10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around Kent State


Finding the perfect ideal date scene in college can be hard when trying to please your significant other. You might have trouble taking your boyfriend or girlfriend on dates other than grabbing a quick lunch at the cafeteria on campus. When isolated to living on campus in dorms, it can be especially hard to please your person when you are limited for places to go; however, these 10 tips will help levitate some of the problems college students face when taking girls on dates! Here are 10 cute date ideas to do around Kent State!

1. Downtown Kent!

Within a 5 minute walk, you and your date can walk around downtown Kent and have lunch, dinner, or coffee at the many restaurants in the area!  Downtown Kent, also know as Acorn Alley, is fast and easy to get to and has so much to explore with various different stores to shop at.



2. Movie Theatre Date!

Mix it up with a movie! The Kiva in the student center at Kent plays up to date movies free of charge for students to come and enjoy! Not looking for an on-campus movie? Well, no problem! The Kent Plaza Theater offers $5 movie Mondays, along with Student ID Tuesdays for a discount!

3. Drive-In Movies!

Wanting a better view other than your lovely date? Take your date to the Mid-Way Drive-In! Only 10 minutes away from Kent State University, the drive-in plays all of the newest movies! Enjoy the movie, as well as the stars, the moon, and your date’s company.

4. Workout!

In need of a workout partner? Take the date to the Kent State University Rec Center, and sign up for a rock climbing appointment! You can also enjoy a nice workout session with your date, it breaks barriers and gives the other person insight to their motives and goals!



5. Go on an adventure!

Feeling the outdoors? Go on a nature walk at Tom S. Cooperrider-Kent Bog State Nature Preserve, which is only a few miles from campus! The park has beautiful hiking and a historical timeline from the Ice Age including a deep kettle hole lake that spans 50 acres that is the result of a huge glacier melting from the ice age era. Be sure to take picnic lunch to give you energy to hike and explore the grounds!



6. A date on the water?

Want to travel around without walking or biking? Stop in at the on-campus rec center where you can sign up to go on a Crooked River Adventure for kayak excursions on the beautiful Cuyahoga River! This is a romantic date with beautiful outdoor scenery and beautiful sounds of rushing water. Not to mention, kayaking is a perfect date for a hot day or date!

7. Rent a bike online through “Flashfleet”!

The “Flashfleet” bike costs only $1.00 an hour, or $10.00 a day. Travel around campus and explore downtown in a unique way! Biking is a great conversation starter and will bring you and your date even closer! This is also a good idea if its your first year on campus and want someone to show you where your classes are. What a great excuse to go on a date with that upperclassman cutie in your art class! 

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8. Eastway Game Center!

Bowling, pool, foosball; you name it, and Eastway has it! This is a fun location to bring a date with because there is so much to do, especially if the two of you are competitive. Feeling super competitive and want to show off your moves to your girl? There is Dance Dance Revolution in the gaming center as well, so dance your heart out!




9. Theatre Production!

Looking for something more relaxed, yet entertaining? This on-campus date is the perfect idea for watching a theater production. Head over to the performing Arts Center building and enjoy an amazing show performed by Kent State Students!

10. Getting hungry?

Phew! All these dates are exhausting, but all the restaurants are closed off campus, so where do we go? Rosie’s market located in Tri-Towers offers meals 24/7, and can deliver food right to your door, so you and your date can experience a romantic meal without the hastle of moving! Rosie’s has a wide selection of food. Did I mention they have the most delicious milk shakes and pizza? 

Do you feel inspired after reading about these ten cute date ideas to do around Kent State? Comment below!
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