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10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around Georgetown

10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around Georgetown

Want to break the ice with that cute guy/gal from class or need an idea for something to do with your long term beau? It is sometimes tricky to find a place to spend time with that special someone while you’re away at school. Here are 10 cute date ideas for GU students on and off campus!

1. Go to an event at the Verizon center.

Because GU is right next to the heart of Downtown DC, it is easy to catch a hot concert, professional sports game, or even come support the Hoya basketball team at the Verizon Center at any time during the year.



2. Try new foods in the heart of Georgetown.

From Georgetown Cupcakes to typical Neapolitan pizza, it is never hard to find a new restaurant to try on date #1, #2, or #25. Just remember to end the night with handmade gelato at Dolcezza on Wisconsin Ave or grab a double scoop of Ben & Jerry’s to split.




3. Rent bikes and cruise through the nation’s capitol.

Recreate a scene from your favorite romantic comedy as you ride bikes around the Georgetown area and downtown DC. To make it ultra-romantic opt for the bike ride during cherry blossom season and be sure to catch all the cute moments on your camera.

4. Relax on the grass by Healy Hall.

Probably the easiest and most convenient date at GU is relaxing on the lawn next to Healy Hall. Don’t be afraid to bring along a picnic or your favorite card game or board game to share with that cutie from Spanish class.

5. Study together if necessary, what better excuse for a date?

Make the most of your down time by cracking open that Sociology book while goofing around with your date. Just make sure to actually get some studying done for that test this week…


6. Plan a workout date.

Ditch the face full of makeup and set up a couple’s workout at Yates Field House on campus or by your favorite national monument. Nothing says #couplegoals more than a workout with your babe.

7. Participate in a day of service.

Every so often, GU will host days of service. This is the perfect opportunity to break the ice and ask the guy that has been on your mind to join you in supporting a cause. Not only are you giving back to the community, it will spark a major conversation for later.


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8. Expand your intellect with a trip to the Smithsonian.

A museum visit is an easy way to learn more about the world around you while having intellectual conversation with your gf/bf. Because there are so many museums, you will have an excuse to go on a follow up date.

9. Watch planes take off and land at Gravelly Point.

This is the perfect setting for random conversations ranging from ‘just getting to know you’ to ‘what are your long term goals?’. It is even perfect for daydreaming together or cracking jokes.



10. Attend a Sunday Mass.

Whether you are religious or not, attending a Sunday Mass could be a major conversation starter for you two. While it is always cool to experience new things together, it might be an opportunity to share old habits based on your religious affiliation.

What are some other great date ideas to do around Georgetown? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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