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10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

date ideas around FSU, 10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

Dates can seem somewhat taboo in college, especially if you’re in a college town. You may say you “Well there isn’t anywhere to really have dates” but that is due to lack of research, not lack of resources. For those of you ladies and gentlemen who still desire and cherish actual dates with the cool guy/girl you met last night, in class, or even at Publix (since it’s almost fancier than the bars) I’ve done some research for you. Whether you’re a classic date person or like to do things fun and outside of the box, I got you covered. Plus, they’re all on campus so even if you don’t have a car…no excuses. Keep reading for ten cute date ideas to do around FSU!

date ideas around FSU, 10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

1. Movie date!

There is Student Life Cinema right on campus located on Learning Way which plays previously shown movies again in a movie theatre, pretty cool right? They have a set movie playing for X amount of days so you can pick and choose what days you want to go depending on what’s playing. Want to hear something even better? If you’re ballin’ on a budget, it’s only $5 with your FSU card. While you’re riled up from excited, I think I must add that they are pretty good movies, only the occasional flop of a movie…but you can avoid those days. I would advise not to go to a movie on your first date though, no talking involved and the atmosphere is off. A dark room sitting parallel to the person you don’t know that well? Kind of weird.

date ideas around FSU, 10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

2. Dinner date!

We have a Chili’s on campus in the Union, which is no Carabba’s but it’s also no Suwanee Cafeteria. A better place for a first date because of the relaxed atmosphere, reasonably priced food, quality of food and you’re able to get to know each other better because restaurants provide great room to talk.

date ideas around FSU, 10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

3. Stop by the café.

The Sweetshop Café right next to Southgate is a Tallahassee legacy. I think every mom who has dropped off her son or daughter for school has seen Sweetshop and gushed about how cute it is and has made their family stop. My mom asks me at least once a week if I have eaten their lately. The place has charm, and along with your charming personality you can charm the pants right off of them, metaphorically or literally…depends on your preference. Sweetshop is quiet so you can hear each other speak without loud music morphing everything your date says into pig Latin. Also, they have really good food and coffee so whether you want a simple coffee date or a cute place to get good food, it’s a one stop shop.

date ideas around FSU, 10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

4. Bowling!

FSU truly does spoil us, we have a bowling alley on campus as well that is in the Union. I have been there before and was pleasantly surprised with how well done it was. I was expecting it to be kind of done half-ass, and not have the real bowling alley feeling. But, they had all the cool lights, a wide selection of bowling balls and sizes, and enough lanes to make you feel like you were in an actual bowling alley establishment. Double dates or group dates can really take the pressure off of a first date. Having an interactive date with a little competition makes it so easy for everyone to warm up to each other and have flirty banter. The only downfall…those shoes.

date ideas around FSU, 10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

5. Museum of Fine Arts.

Yes, we have one of those. If you don’t want to do the ordinary or cliché dates, there is always the Museum of Fine Arts. It has all different types of Medias on display from paintings to photography and there all done by our very own FSU students. I have never been to this museum so I cannot tell you my personal opinion, but I have heard great things. Looking at art pushes you to converse while you discuss your opinions of the pieces. And if you have been dating for a while and just need a change of pace or scenery this also a perfect idea.

date ideas around FSU, 10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

6. FSU Reserve.

This could also be a perfect group date but also great for just you two. The FSU Reserve provides like 8 dates within itself. You can go kayaking, canoeing, tanning, beach volleyball, swimming and anything else you can think of to do on a mini beach (lake). I just went recently with a friend of mine, and it was so much fine. For a man made beach it looks really good and gives the same effect. Even if you suggest the date selfishly because you’re from SoFlo and really miss the sun, salt and sand that’s ok, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Kayaks at the FSU Reservation, Tallahassee, FL

7. FroYo!

Yogurt Mountain is walking distance from campus and always a good idea. Yogurt Mountain has a playful environment and always has at least a small crowd so there’s other people’s energy to feed off of. Not to mention, picking the flavors and toppings can be fun and flirty…but be careful if it’s a first date because your cravings will show and if you’re a girl, I doubt you want your cup to weigh twice as your mans.

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date ideas around FSU, 10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

8. Ogelsby Union Art Center.

Yes guys, I’m talking to you. If you want to impress your lady and do something fun and creative that she likes, take her to paint some pottery. It’s fun, interactive, and gives you plenty of time and space to talk. You could even make it flirty by having a paint war like a less aggressive version of the scene in 10 Things I Hate About You where Kat and Patrick do a paint war and kiss behind the hay barrels. Just think, the messier you get, the more likely you’ll need to shower after…and we’re all about saving water here at FSU so do it together.

date ideas around FSU, 10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

9. Club Stroz!

Want to go on a date with hottie in your chem class…but chem class has got you buried in work? Well, first floor of Stroz lets you talk and study. And someone who is hot and smart…turn on. Who said boyfriends/girlfriends get in the way of school work?

date ideas around FSU, 10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around FSU

10. Any sporting event!

Maybe won’t work as well for football games because of tailgating but any other sporting eventshould suffice. The basketball games, baseball games, or spring training all provide great entertainment for the man, and maybe even the woman if he’s lucky. I know personally, sports are not my thing to play or watch but I have always wanted to sit courtside at a Lakers game with my beau like any other celebrity “it” couple. FSU basketball games are way less glamorous but a girl can pretend, usually a soft pretzel and a bee can make me not complain and sometimes even cheer leading.

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Were you inspired by this list of ten cute date ideas to do around FSU? Share your thoughts and comment below!
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