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10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around ESU

10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around ESU

Being a college student in a relationship means that you’re constantly trying to find things to do with your significant other that are different and exciting. During my junior year, my boyfriend and I were always finding new places to go to hang out, eat, or just spend the day. Check out this list of 10 places that we’ve been for some cute date ideas near ESU!


1. Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls are often called ‘the Niagara Falls of the Poconos.’ They are breathtakingly beautiful to say the least. The location is a short drive from ESU and it’s not expensive at all. You can take different pathways to see the falls at different angles, and there’s also a really cool gift shop that has a Native American historical site inside of it.



2. Camelbeach Waterpark

I love love love Camelbeach! The tickets are decently cheap and will give you access to all of the amenities in the Waterpark. There are two pools, a lazy river, and really cool slides all over the resort. Plus the wave pool is HUGE and so much fun!


3. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

I discovered this area not too long ago and I’ve been going there ever since. There’s a lookout point to see over the water gap, get a view of NJ, and stargaze. My boyfriend and I go there all the time and we even took my cousin once while he was visiting us up here.


4. Kalahari Waterpark

Kalahari is an indoor waterpark that was just built a year ago up here in the Poconos. It’s an African themed resort with animal statues and safari themes throughout the entire building. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, stores, an ice cream shop, a spa, an arcade, and then of course, the water park area itself. It’s a bit more on the expensive side but well worth every penny.


5. Jack Frost Ski Resort

My boyfriend’s family just so happens to have a house on the ski resort, so one day we drove up to the resort and decided to walk around the ski lodge. There’s a restaurant and bar on the top floor of the lodge and a restaurant on the bottom floor. The chairs in the restaurant are modeled after ski lifts and we had the best lunch there!


6. Popcorn Buddha

I LOVE POPCORN! Like I can eat it all day every day. Popcorn Buddha has a HUGE variety of different popcorn flavors. You can even mix flavors and they let you sample whichever ones you are a little unsure about. SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS!


7. $5 Movie Tuesdays at the Stroud Mall

Nothing better than only paying $5 for a movie ticket for whatever movie you want to see. Just make sure you order your tickets early because they sell out quick.


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8. Dansbury Park

Dansbury Park is a great place to go to just unwind after a stressful day, walk around, play basketball, or have some fun on the swings. During the summer, they open up the pool and you can enjoy a day of fun in the sun.


9. Hotel of Horror

I can’t stress how much fun it is here! It’s only open during the fall season but it’s so great. The whole attraction is terrifying, so don’t miss the opportunity to hold onto your bae if you’re scared.



10. Country Junction

Country Junction is pretty much like a giant maze. It’s a general store but there’s also a playground, petting zoo, and restaurant inside. Every time we go we get so lost but that just makes it even more fun. Even the petting zoo area is awesome!


Which of these date ideas do you want to try out around ESU? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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