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9 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around ASU

9 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around ASU

Whether you’ve been together for two years or two minutes, you’ll constantly be saying “So, what do you want to do tonight?” If you’re sick of that, you may want to keep reading. Arizona State honestly may be in one of the best locations for any college. Between Tempe, Phoenix, and Scottsdale there is so much to do within a short drive. So, when that cutie from Bio finally asks you out, here are some insta-worthy date ideas to do around ASU.

1. ASU’s Secret Garden

Well, it’s not a secret anymore. In case you don’t know, the not-so-secret garden is between West Hall and Dixie Gammage Hall. Even though its not actually a secret, it is beautiful and totally great for a snap worthy picnic. Just right for a super casual first date.



2. Hike Camelback Mountain

If you’re the outdoorsy type, this is the date for you. A nice hike is the perfect way to get away and get some one on one time with your date. I will say, this hike is a little challenging. So def bring you hiking shoes and water. (And don’t forget the adorable picture at the top!)

3. Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix

If your boyfriend asks you to pick where you want go, this is the place. This is definitely a super unique and special date idea. You can walk around the beautiful garden and enjoy the Koi pond and tea house. And your date will be super impressed that you knew of such a cool spot.

4. Castles-n-Coasters

Awesome for the super fun couple and perfect to shake up the typical dinner/movie date night. You can bring out your inner kid and get some yummy theme park food. There’s putt putt, fun rides, and roller coasters. Plus, a little adrenaline and thrill can be romantic.


5. Diamondback’s Games

This date shows you’re super chill and fun. You can take the Light Rail downtown, grab some dinner, then enjoy the game together while eating some ice cream. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even end up on the kiss cam. Now THAT’S an adorable story to tell your friends.


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6. Top Golf

I can’t golf for my life. But I still love Top Golf. It’s basically a mix of a driving range with the fun of putt putt. Oh and they have super yummy food and drinks. This one is also perfect for a double date because you can have some friendly completion against another couple. #teambonding

7. Tempe Town Lake

Maybe it’s because I’m from somewhere with zero water, but I think Tempe Town Lake is absolutely beautiful AND it’s super close to campus. You can rent paddle boards or boats and hang out with your babe on the water. Also a good chance to check out your guy’s abs in a swim suit, but whatever.

8. Old Town Scottsdale

If you want to get all dressed up and go to a nice dinner, Old Town will make it feel special. There’s tons of great restaurants there that have things you won’t find in Tempe. The drive is less than 30 minutes, but it’ll feel like you went to a whole different place just for the date. #GOALS


9. Dine-in Movie Theater

Want an upgrade from the typical dinner and a movie date? How about fancy seats, and a full dinner menu, and drinks during the movie? Fancy, right? But still super chill because you can just relax and watch the movie. And it’ll be so much cuter than everyone else’s movie dates. You’re welcome.

Do you have any other date ideas to do around ASU? Share and comment below!
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