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10 CSUN Hacks To Make Life Easier on Campus

10 CSUN Hacks To Make Life Easier on Campus

College can be tricky when you are first starting out at CSUN. It is a new way of life that you’ll need to get used to! Thankfully, this article is here to help! Here are 10 CSUN hacks that make your life on campus better.

1. Free printing!

Need your latest A+ paper printed ASAP, but need it cheap? You can print 20 FREE Black and White pages at the USU Computer lab. That’s right–free! If you need help or have any questions, USU workers (fellow students) in the bright red shirts will be quick to help.


2. Free software!

Speaking of essays, are you in a desperate need for Microsoft Word but are in no position to scrape up the cash to download the full Office suite? Even with the student discount, it still costs money, which is something you are perpetually low on… Look no further than CSUN! We offer our students downloads of select software for free. In other words, we got you covered.



3. Free charging stations!

Ever gone through a school day and have the whole day ruined when your phone dies in the middle of scrolling through your tumblr dash? Of course you have. It is an all too natural occurrence. But, fear no more! You can find charging stations all around campus, from the USU Sol Center to outside the Matador Bookstore! This way you can buy a book and a coffee (from the Freudian Sip, obvi) and curl up as your phone charges back to its full strength!


4. Transit tips.

It is no secret that CSUN is a notorious commuter’s school. Whether it be trains, planes, or automobiles–okay, not planes–but regardless, if you are not commuting yourself, there is a good chance that you know someone who does. A tip? The Metro bus system is the way to go. From the free transit to CSUN from the Northridge Metrolink station to the subsidized U pass, it’s never been easier to get around by bus–ever.

5. Coffee discounts.

Coffee: every college student’s best friend. Maybe, it is the sustaining warmth…? Or, more realistically, the caffeine (but by all means, tell your parents it is all about the warmth). Lucky for you, every Wednesday the Freudian Sip hosts happy hour from 4-5:30 PM! Discounted Coffee? Count me in!


6. Tapingo!

Eating on campus is quick and easy–something you can do between classes. But, it can be downright impossible when your professor lets you out late. (Again.) But, fear not! The Tapingo App is your best friend! You can get your caffeine fix without waiting. Skip lines and satisfy your craving for coffee, burgers, acai bowls, or the like…and make it to class in time!



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7. CSUN Mobile App.

Speaking of godsend apps that will make any CSUN student’s day easier, you cannot forget the official CSUN mobile app. Check your schedule, pay your fees, and even use the map to find that hidden lecture hall!  Can someone please tell me how a building up and moves?


8. Free movie screenings!

One of the best ways to relax? Watching a movie! But, sometimes your wallet simply does not agree with a night at the local theater. Good thing the CSUN Cinematheque has got you covered. Every Thursday night, classics are shown at the Alan and Elaine Armer Theater FOR FREE. If modern movies are more your thing, your best bet is the Summer Movie festival that Associated Students puts on at the Oviatt. Free movies from Bring it On to Zootopia? Yes, please!


9. Student discounts.

The Associated Students organization is one of the best things to happen to the CSUN campus, especially when their ticket office can hook you up with so many deals. From cheap Magic Mountain tickets to student discounts at the local AMC, the AS Ticket office is your new friend. The best time to splurge is when there are discounts involved, am I right?

10. More savings!

And to top off this upward spiral of money saving, I have to talk about the MataMoney cards. You can load it like a debit card and use it at any of the CSUN dining areas with the added bonus of 10% off your purchase. Way better (and safer) than carrying loads of cash to satisfy your Subway habit. Trust me. Your wallet will thank you.


Have any other CSUN hacks that you want to share with your fellow students? Let us know in the comments and do not forget to share! Me campus es su campus.
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