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10 Cute CSUN Date Ideas

Love is in the air! But, where do you take that special someone at college? Specifically, where do you take someone on a date while you’re attending CSUN? There are plenty of options, you just need to know where to look for them! Keep reading for 10 CSUN date ideas!

1. Glowzone, LA

Located in our neighboring city of Woodland Hills, this is the perfect date for that adventurous and athletic love interest. With fun obstacles, ball pits and even a little lazer tag, the possibilities are endless. You can even share a kiss under the neon lights – starry skies are overrated anyways!


2. CSUN Summer Movie Fest

Cuddle up with your date as you watch a movie under the night sky with the rest of your peers. Not only is it totally FREE, but you can even make it a weekly tradition every Thursday night. Who knows, your hands might even meet while reaching for the popcorn!

3. Lum-Ka-Naad Thai Restaurant

Want a little bit of a step up from the usual Chipotle run? Lum-Ka-Naad is the perfect place to impress your date! Who can resist Thai food and a romantic ambiance? Located down the street from CSUN on Plummer, it is just as convenient, as it is delicious.

4. Paladino’s

You can rock out to a variety of bands and even sing a karaoke tune or two over drinks at Paladino’s! What more could you ask for? This is the perfect place to take your date who loves music and a fun night out.

5. Skateland Northridge

Why not have a lovely time with your CSUN date on wheels? Skateland is the perfect place for a couple who wants to relive their middle school glory days and enjoy some care-free fun. Bonus: hand holding is almost guaranteed.

6. Pacific Theatres

With a beautiful theatre right over at the Fashion Center, there is no excuse not to see a film during your time at CSUN. Going to the movies is a staple date for a reason! You can snuggle up and even share some delicious snacks from concessions.

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7. Café Graikos

Who doesn’t want to have a “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” moment? With Café Graikos you can enjoy a delicious meal of authentic Greek food (with vegetarian options)! Food is always a good choice. Plus, you will surely impress your date with your knowledge of culture by choosing something out of the ordinary like Greek.

8. Eat, Drink & Arts

Why not get a little creative with your CSUN date? At Eat, Drink & Arts you can do exactly what the name says! Food, painting, and a little drinking is never a bad combination for an interactive and unforgettable date.

9. Katsu-Ya

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned sushi date? At this legendary and delectable restaurant, you will have an amazing date night!

10. Barclay’s Coffee

Barclay’s Coffee is definitely the ideal first CSUN date. It is simple and there is no pressure. You pay up front and, worst comes to worst, you don’t have to sit through a long dinner. At Barclay’s, you will get the best coffee in Northridge and even live music in an intimate setting. Music and coffee – could you ask for anything more?

With a variety of places to choose from, dating in Northridge is fun! What CSUN date idea was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!
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Gwendolyn Royal

Gwen is an Apparel Design and Production major at California State University, Northridge. She enjoys blogging, concerts and petting other people’s dogs.

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