10 Creative Bohemian Hairstyles Perfect For Your Hippy Side

Whether you are into the Hippy style or not, these creative bohemian hairstyles will get you pumped about doing your hair daily! I hope these hairstyles mentioned in this article will give you some fresh styles to try out this spring and summer!

1. Poufed Multi Pony

The Poufed Multi Pony is a unique and relaxed style to achieve. With a few bands and a simple scarf, this style can be done in only a few minutes! 

This style is also great to switch up and add your own flair to. This can become a sleek, high, messy, or double pony. Whatever you desire! 

  • Place your hair in a low, high, or mid pony. Then take your elastic bands and create a pouf every 4-5 inches down your secured ponytail. Add an accessory and boom! You are done!

The Poufed Multi Pony is suitable for an enjoyable day out, a beautiful date night, or just a simple chill day in the house. It is flirty, timeless, unique, and cute!

2. Messy Hair With Scarf

Messy hair with a scarf is the most effortless Boho hairstyle of them all! This hairstyle can be worn by anyone at any time! This hair-do embodies freedom and ease!


This hairstyle is excellent for everyday living. It adds a carefree vibe to any outfit.

  • Grab a scarf, shake out your hair, and embrace this cute look!

Messy hair with an added scarf is an effortless, pretty, and chill hairstyle for everyone! Try it out and see how it adds to your already stunning looks!


3. Braided Messy Pony

The Braided Messy Pony is on this list due to the fact that it is beautiful and different! This style is more complicated than others but is still pretty simple if you have the ability to braid.

  • You can braid your hair on one or both sides of your head, place it into a low, high, or mid pony. And you are complete!

This hairstyle is perfect for festivals, dinners, lunches, and etc.! This is another style that you can make sleeker or messier.


4. Messy Bun With Braids

Here are another one of the effortless creative bohemian hairstyles. We know that messy buns are always easy to achieve, whether on lazy days or days where you simply desire to wear a messy bun.

The only difference with this bun compared to your regular messy bun are the braids. Braids are used in this hairstyle as accessories. 

  • Simply braid a few pieces of your hair and throw it up into a messy bun. There you have it! A fabulous boho hairstyle!

5. Half Up, Half Down With Space Buns

This next style is a fun bohemian hairstyle! The Half Up Half Down style with Space Buns is an exceptional style everyone needs to know about!

  • Part your hair from ear to ear and separating the top from the bottom. After that is completed, part your hair down the middle and create two double buns with the top portion of your hair. Add your own flair to the look! Now you are finished! 

If you choose to rock this style, you will certainly feel your Hippy side peeking through!

6. High Bun With Scarf

Number six on the list is the High Bun with a Scarf! This is definitely one of the creative bohemian hairstyles that anyone can quickly and accurately achieve!


Finding ways to spice up a commonly worn bun can be hard. However, throwing on a cute and fashionable scarf will do just that!

  • Create an everyday bun and wrap a scarf of your choice around it! Pull out some hairs and live your best life!

This boho hairstyle will add a sleek and elegant flair to your overall look!


7. Double Low Messy Buns

We have talked about messy buns but not Double Low Messy Buns. We cannot skip over this one for sure! This style is distinctive and so comfortable to wear daily! 

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  • Split your hair in half, down the middle, and create two messy buns on each side. Add any hair accessories you would like. You are all set! You have completed this funky, stylish hairstyle!

This look gives your look a fun and easy-going feel! I personally believe everyone should practice this style just in case they want to step outside of their comfort zone while also feeling free and cute!


8. Braided High Pony

Everyone probably knows all about the Braided High Pony! Adding a braid to a regular ponytail makes the pony a little less dull and way more stylish!

  • Place your hair in a ponytail (messy or sleek) and then braid the tail of your pony. Then you can finally add your twist to make it fit for you.

It is perfect for those who do not desire to do too much to there hair but still want to look cute and put together. Find comfort in having this pretty go-to boho style in mind for your lazy days! 


9. One-Sided Braid

The One-Sided Braid hairstyle we are now mentioning is one that genuinely looks stunning on everyone. Whether you have short, long, or medium length hair, you will undoubtedly look great in this style!

  • Part your hair however you want and then simply braid one side. You can braid an entire side or only a portion of it! That is entirely up to you. 

This creative boho style will show you how beautifully you can rock the bohemian style with little effort. I suggest you add this hairstyle into your go-to looks from now on!


10. Double Dutch Braids With Two Ponies

There are many ways to incorporate braids into a simple hairstyle to add extra chicness to your look. The Double Dutch Braids with Two Ponies are an excellent way to do that!

  • Split your hair and braid both sides down to your neck. Secure both braids with a hair tie and leave the ends of your hair loosely out. You got it!

This style is cute, practical, and simple! Great for many occasions! Try it out when getting ready for your next outing!


Try some of these cute creative bohemian hairstyles the next time you get ready to go out! Comment below which style you liked the most!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/650488739913481703/