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10 Courses You Didn’t Know You Can Take At ESU

10 Courses You Didn’t Know You Can Take At ESU

Choosing classes for each semester can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many different options to choose from. Thankfully, ESU offers a wide variety of unique and interesting courses that are sure to make any semester more enjoyable. Check out some of the awesome ESU courses you probably didn’t even know you could take!

1. ART 412: Women Artists: From the Middle Ages to the Present

This course explores female artists in Europe and America from the middle ages until now. Think about it…you could be studying your female ancestors and not even know it!



2. BIOL 103: Forensic Biology

Talk about ESU courses not for the faint of heart – Forensic Biology is a study of how biology is used to solve crimes. You will learn the significance of samples of blood, semen, hair, and saliva and the evidence that can be taken from them. Think NCIS or CSI.

3. MGT 225: Business Law

So, I took a business law course in high school and it definitely motivated me to want to become a lawyer. Not only is the topic interesting but learning the connection between businesses and courts is fascinating.

4. CHEM 275: Chemical Aspects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

I have ALWAYS wanted to take this class but of course always forget to register for it. You learn about the negative effects that alcohol and drug abuse take on the human body. Being that I’m a criminal justice major, this is so intriguing to me and I’ve known people that took it and loved it (so jelly).


5. SOCJ 252: Organized Crime

If you’re anything like me, then organized crime fascinates you. I’m a CJ major so this stuff is right up my alley. This course gives you the opportunity to study organized crime’s history, structure, and scope and how to effectively prosecute these crimes. Plus, it’s taught by my favorite CJ professor, Dr. Pittaro!

6. DANC 111: World Dance

You’re able to learn different dancing rituals from cultures all over the world. What more could you ask for??

7. DMET 210: Television: Studio Production

I’m all about TV and movies and any kind of visual entertainment. This class covers directing, lighting, audio, and camera operation all on an actual set with scripts and everything. So cool!

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8. ENGL 190: Multicultural American Literature

I took this class freshman year…hands down, best class I EVER took at ESU. You learn all about different authors from unique cultural backgrounds. We read books from Native American, Dominican, Asian, etc, authors that each had their own methods of story telling.



9. HLTH 250: Human Sexuality for Healthful Living

This course teaches you all about how human sexual behaviors encourage a healthier lifestyle. Birds and the bees, anyone??

10. PSY 236: Positive Psychology

Wow, you’re getting to sit in class and learn about happiness, joy, authenticity, human fulfillment and all that good stuff. Talk about a great way to spend your day!

Which one of these 10 ESU courses sounds the most interesting to you? Share your thoughts and comment below!
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