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10 Cookies You Won’t Be Able To Stop Eating

A good cookie isn’t hard to come by, but there are some recipes that have that little extra something that reminds us all why we love these baked goods so much. Whether it’s a certain ingredient or a different way of preparing the dough, some cookies are just better than others. Check out these 10 cookies if you’re looking for sweet perfection!

1. Green Tea Cookies

Matcha is a concentrated green tea powder that is growing in popularity not only for its health benefits, but also for its unique flavor as well. With a rich taste and lingering sweetness, it’s no surprise that matcha has found its way into many desserts, including cookies. Green tea cookies will add just a hint of an earthy, green tea flavor to the classic sugar cookie we all know and love. Bonus points if you decide to really lean into the green tea pairings and make a red bean paste frosting. 

2. Betty Crocker Pumpkin Drop Cookies

Deep in the well-loved pages of older Betty Crocker cookbooks is a little known wonder which is the pumpkin drop cookie with orange icing. Pumpkin, raisins, and orange zest create a flavor profile that will make you ashamed of the fact that you will have to make a second batch of cookies because you couldn’t stop eating the first batch. These cookies are wonderful year-round, but especially in the fall and winter. 

3. Toffee Pecan Cookies

Jazz up your basic shortbread cookies by adding chopped pecans and toffee. Whether you mix them into the cookie dough, or dip your cookies in chocolate and coat them in the chopped mixture, you have a winning flavor combination. Sweet toffee paired with nutty, savory pecan is a match made in cookie heaven! Just try not to eat the mix-ins before you get them in the cookies!

4. Lemon Cookies With Lavender Icing

These light, floral cookies will make you want to have tea with your best friends just for an excuse to make them! Sweet and tart lemon cookies are balanced by the bright, earthy flavor of lavender. Use your lavender icing to sandwich cookies together, or create a royal icing to drizzle over the top of your cookies. For an aesthetic touch, bake pieces of lavender into your cookies. Your baked treats will be almost too good to eat!

5. Chocolate And Vanilla Marbled Cookies

If you’re the kind of person who can’t decide if they’re a chocolate or vanilla kind of person, these cookies allow you to have the best of both worlds. Give in to your indecisive nature and enjoy these marbled cookies. It’s as simple as making basic vanilla cookie dough and adding chocolate to half of the mixture. Add your chocolate dough to the vanilla dough and roll it out, rotating, refolding, and rolling the dough until you get the desired marbled effect. Now the only thing left to decide is if you want to dip your cookies in regular milk or chocolate milk!

6. Homemade Milanos

Pepperidge Farm knew what they were doing when they started selling this little chocolaty delight. Milanos are possibly their most famous cookies—and with good reason. But instead of going to your grocery store to buy these cookies, you should really be making them at home to truly appreciate just how delectable they really are. The recipe is simple enough, and you may just end up dipping your cookies into the chocolate ganache and eating them before you even have a chance to sandwich them together. 

7. Peach Cookies

These cookies get their namesake from their flavor as well as their appearance! This recipe requires a little more labor in the kitchen, but baking cookies is a labor of love we must all endure to reach the sweet, satisfying results we crave. Tastemade has an excellent peach cookie recipe, but there are other variations of the recipe as well that offer interesting flavors and ingredients like ricotta filling. So, put on your apron, and get to baking!

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8. Madeleines

There is something so purely indulgent about madeleine cookies that makes them so wonderful to eat. Rich in flavor from butter and eggs, this French pastry is simple, yet decadent. A hint of orange or lemon adds a small but distinct touch to complete this cookie experience. Because eating a madeleine is undoubtedly an experience in itself. Eating these cookies just might transport you outside of a small cafe in France, where you find yourself keeping warm with a small cup of coffee you’ve been using for dipping your cookies. Or maybe they just transport you to wherever your happy place is. No matter what, you will be glad you decided to indulge in these cookies.

9. Cranberry Pistachio Cookies

Another flavor combination best paired with shortbread cookies, cranberries and pistachios just makes sense. Tart and sweet mixed with salty and savory is a flavor marriage meant to last. Evenly chop cranberries and pistachios and mix into any basic shortbread cookie dough, then form your cookie dough into a roll to chill. Once your roll has ample time to chill, simply slice and bake your cookies! Don’t stop at cranberries and pistachios, though! You can use any combination of mix-ins. Try chocolate chips and walnuts, or dried cherries and macadamia nuts.

10. Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip

A simple twist on a tried and true classic makes for a slightly complex flavor profile you won’t get enough of. Sweet, salty, savory, and textured, these cookies hit many of the major flavor profiles we all find incredibly pleasing. It only makes sense to wash these cookies down with creamy milk to complete the flavor circle. Use sea salt while making these cookies for just the right flake of salt. 

Did we make you hungry enough to get your apron and rolling pin out or head to the local bakery? Do you have a winning flavor combination for cookies you’d like to share or a recipe you want to brag about? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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