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10 Convenient Campus Hacks Every ESU Student Should Know

ESU is what I like to call “my own little snow globe”.  We are a small community, a home away from home.  And after four years, I have learned a lot of little secrets and hacks that may prove to be helpful. Keep reading for 10 convenient campus hacks every ESU student should know!

1. There are many computer labs at your disposal.

The Stroud and Union computer labs are my favorite. Kemp Library is third. ESU has so many computer labs, and some are not well known.  So, if you find your favorite lab full, try some of these others listed:

  • Computer labs in your dorms (Hemlock/Hawthorne, Laurel, Lenape, Linden, Minsi, University Apartments, and Shawnee).
  • Rosenkrans has at least two computer labs both in and out of the tutoring center.
  • Stroud Hall has two computer labs: one on the second floor and one on the third.
  • The University Center (aka the Union) also has two labs: one on the first floor and one on the third.
  • Kemp Library has a lab on each floor. The second floor, or the main floor, is the most popular, and by definition, the most crowded and the noisiest; therefore, the basement and the third floor are good alternatives.
  • DeNike building has a lab on the second floor.
  • The HRTM building also has a computer lab.
  • Fine Arts has a computer lab on the third floor, which, because it is so far from the rest of campus, is convenient if you forget to print out that script for your acting class.
  • Koehler too has a computer lab.
  • Sci-Tech has a great area for studying and a computer lab, as well. You do not have to be involved in the sciences to use it.
  • Zimbar itself is not usually a popular building, so you can be sure the lab will always be available.

2. The shuttle is the lazy student’s refuge.

The shuttle is not only for the University Ridge residents.  It can take you all over campus for free, including the Innovation Center.


3. Rec B is a great second option for fitness.

Anyone can use Rec B, which houses some of the group fitness classes and is a smaller and quieter alternative to Mattioli.

4. You can get a study skills tutor if the tutoring center does not offer your course.

Rosenkrans and the tutoring center do a great job assigning tutors to students, but unfortunately, tutoring for many of the higher level classes are not offered.  So, if your class is not offered, you can ask for a study skills tutor instead.  Talk to the tutoring coordinator, Dr. Fernando Perez, for more information.

5. Do your research before you buy your textbooks.

I have found so many textbooks online for cheap.  Some I found for free as well.  Do the work, and research textbooks before forking over hundreds of dollars.  If textbooks are customized for ESU, it means that they have taken one or two textbooks and combined them into a smaller one. For a deal, see what textbooks are part of the customized book and think about getting them instead.  Furthermore, online books are cheaper. Look online here to find inexpensive textbooks!

6. Sign up to be a note-taker to make some extra, easy money.

If you are a good note-taker, think about signing up to be an official note-taker through OASIS.  All you have to do is type up your notes and post them online.  It’s easy money because you are already attending the class.  You literally get paid to be in class.  Also, you are helping someone who needs it.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask your professor to lead a study group.

Your professor is there to help you.  You can always go to your professor and ask your questions, but chances are, your classmates also have those questions.  So, go to your professor and see if you can plan a “student-lead” study group where you can ask additional questions.  Even if he or she refuses, you still have to ask.

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8. Email all the students in your class at once using the “email all” feature on d2l.

Set up study groups and find out what you missed by emailing your classmates.  Furthermore, you can share things you have discovered with them too.  You can all help each other pass!


9. Cheap movie tickets are just a staircase away…

The 2nd floor of the Union sells discounted movie tickets, so don’t pay full price again.

10. Get Microsoft Office programs for free.

You can download all of your Microsoft Office needs from your email.  Just click on Office 365, click install now, and voila!

Know any other ESU campus hacks? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Jenny Bront

Jenny Bront is a senior English Major at ESU. She loves literature, writing, and latin dance. Her biggest goal in life is to set the record for craziest cat lady.

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