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10 Companies That Are Working To Change The World For The Better

10 Companies That Are Working To Change The World For The Better

Companies working for a better world deserve some recognition. If you’re trying to be a more conscious consumer, these companies can help you. From trips to clothing to skincare to house care, these companies make you proud to support them.

1. Netflix

The concept of not only extending maternal leave but including paternal leave that doesn’t only isolate one parent has been a topic of debate in the U.S. for quite a while. However, Netflix takes a stance other companies apart from Spotify can’t match. They have a paid paternal leave of 52 weeks. This doesn’t even need to be taken during the first year of the child’s birth. This makes Netflix one of the top-ranking companies working for a better world.

There’s no law in the U.S. regarding maternity leave apart from the guarantee that your job is protected for only 12 weeks after childbirth. This means your position can’t be filled while you’re on leave. It’s worth noting if you and your spouse work for the same company, those 12 weeks are split between you if you both decide to take time off. It is up to the company to determine if this time is paid time off or allow for a longer time to stay home. 


That’s why Netflix deserves to be recognized as one of the companies working for a better world. Next time you sit down for a binge night, pat yourself on the back for supporting a company that recognizes and supports its employees through one of life’s biggest transitions. 

2. EarthWatch.Org

Make your impact more powerful than a passport stamp. For your next vacation, help scientists conduct environmental research. They offer expeditions on six of the seven continents, and the expeditions are specialized to the area. Whether you’re more concerned with climate change, ocean health, or wildlife and ecosystems, there’s a trip waiting for you. 


While the price can be jarring to look at, some considerations help take the sting away. This covers all the cost of accommodations, food, materials, and contribute to research cost. Not only does it cover that, but most of the contributions can be listed as a tax deduction! It’s the trip that keeps giving. This program is one of the only companies working for a better world that offers hands-on experience in making a difference. Meet new people, mark off new places, and make a difference in the world.

You don’t need a background in science to qualify for these trips. The leaders teach you everything you need to know for your expedition. Don’t just post envy-worthy pictures for your next vacation, make an everlasting difference. 


3. Lush

If you’ve ever walked into any lush, the first thing you’ll notice is the mingling wall of smells. But, if you take a double-take, you’ll notice a majority of their products don’t have any packaging. This helps eliminate single-use plastics in which Supply Chain Solutions Center reports 91% of packaging gets sent to landfills. 

The packaging that is used by the company comes 100% from post-consumer plastic.  Their packaging focus on products makes them admirable among the companies working for a better world! They don’t just stop at their packaging in-store, they go even further and focus on using recycled peanut packaging and 100% recycled paper for their catalogs. They catalog their efforts and list all the changes they make as a company to be more eco friendly and reduce their environmental impact on their company website. We’ve highlighted only a few but it’s worth highlighting they are doing so much more.

You can glow from the inside out by helping their efforts. To encourage their customers to be more environmentally aware, Lush offers a free facemask to customers who bring in five “clean black pots” from their face masks. Pamper yourself while protecting the planet. 


4. Infuse By Casabella

Breathe in. Breathe out. Enjoy the satisfaction of a clean home. Let’s be honest, nothing feels better than a clean home. But, sometimes, you’re just busy and don’t have time to drag out all the cleaning supplies. So it’s easier to grab the paper towels and the single-use floor wipes. Spray. Wipe. Trash. Repeat. It’s an easy cycle to fall into, but this business is one of the many cleaning companies working for a better world. 

Infuse cleaning brands are now available at Target, making them easy for nearly anybody to get a hold of. You buy the bottle once, and never again. Hooray, you’re already cutting down your single-use plastic with this one purchase. But they go further than just spray bottles, they offer their own version of a floor mop that allows you to spray out the cleaner. And their pad is washable making it reusable. Boom, you’ve now eliminated another single-use product. You go environmental champion. Even further, their spray floor mop doesn’t require batteries to work. 


Their infuse products only require that you add water from your faucet to their bottles, and the toxic free cleaning agent gets added. The lightweight shipping of boxes only carrying refills helps reduce the carbon footprint of the company. 

5. Patagonia

The gear produced through this company attracts nature enthusiasts and casual hikers alike. It’s no wonder this clothing company deserves recognition as part of the companies working for a better world. If they want to encourage people to get out in nature, well they better make sure there’s still nature to get out into. 


In hopes of reinforcing the reduce, reuse, recycle concept, Patagonia built repair centers for their clothing all around the world. This helps customers hold on to garments if there’s minor damage to the product, as opposed to tossing it out. As a company, Patagonia made this decision to help reduce their carbon footprint. 

In 2016, Patagonia took a prominent stance by donating $10 million in proceeds from their Black Friday Sales and donated them to grass-root environmental groups. They are aware of their shortcomings as a company and constantly strive to improve their practices looking for every possible way to make their company greener. 


6. All Good Products

The name truly encompasses everything they are doing as a part of companies working for a better world. And, they are working for all good skin for you. As a Certified B Corporation, which by definition is

“businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose” by 

they work on every part of their business to be environmentally friendly and have made their entire production run off renewable energy. Sunscreen has become a hot topic during the hot days and dermatologists and beauty influencers agree it’s a must for any morning routine. At All Good, they make a reef-friendly sunscreen, while the company goes into more detail as to why this is important, it comes down to the chemicals in traditional sunscreen. They rub off your skin in the water and they settle on the reef and kill the natural beauty devastating the delicate ecosystem. So while it’s important for you to wear it, it’s equally important to make sure you aren’t harming the environment you’re playing in. 


They are a leaping bunny certified company. The logo that can be seen on the product signifies the only internationally recognized symbol that guarantees no new animal tests were used in the development of the product. They help promote biodiversity and build natural habitats by growing the products they can’t source. All Good serves as a role model for all companies working for a better world. Their practices should be replicated as closely as possible by any company capable of those changes. 

Your skin will shine bright and healthy as you use a product as healing for you as it is for the planet. 

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7. Penguin Random House

Many publishing houses around the world are working to decrease their environmental footprint. As one of those companies working for a better world, they have made an effort to start using recycled material when appropriate. Their paper comes from suppliers who source the material appropriately. Along with implementing energy reduction programs, they have started harnessing wind power to help reduce energy reliance. 

Next time you pick up a book and see the happy little penguin on the spine, smile a little easier knowing you’re supporting a company trying to keep reading, and the planet, alive. 


8. Mata Traders

This clothing and accessories company combats inequality for women in India and Nepal. Their handmade clothing helps you stand out in a crowd and helps the women earn a living in a safe workplace. The women live in rural areas, tribal villages, and urban slums. Women don’t only support women by complementing each other, they make sure they are treated fairly and are rewarded for their hard work. 

Beautiful accessories and clothing can be worn with pride and know you are supporting a company that employs marginalized communities focusing on gender inequality. Companies working for a better world don’t just have to make an impact on the environment, because while that’s important, the people that live in it deserve just as much help. 


9. Lego

This might not even be on a list in your mind when you think of companies working for a better because of the material of their products. But, Leggo has taken a pledge to become a 100% renewable company by 2030. They’ve been taking steps to be a leader in companies working for a better world for a while. In 2018, they started using plant-based plastic polyethylene made from sugar cane. Build your perfect world with blocks that are working to build a better planet. 

In their Denmark factory, they installed 40,000 solar panels to reduce the reliance on fossil-fueled electricity. Whether you’re using the blocks to build through a complex engineering problem or challenging a younger cousin to a building contest, you’re helping build a better future. 


10. Ivy&Elder 

Walk with red carpet flare without heavy product or a heavy heart. Ivy&Elder is one of the hair companies working for a better world by making products without any known bio- or eco- toxins. They aren’t just working towards a healthier planet, they are working to help you have healthier hair. Their products improve hair health with continued use. They also proudly wear the leaping bunny logo on their products.

If you want beachy waves or softer hair from their leave-in mask,  know their packaging and shipping materials are made from recycled material whenever possible. Work on becoming your best self and Ivy&Elder works on being on the top hair care product companies working for a better world. 


Are you happily surprised by any of these companies? What ones do you already support and what ones are you planning to check out? Let us know below!

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