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10 Common Misconceptions about Sorority Girls

10 Common Misconceptions about Sorority Girls

Sorority girls are accustomed to hearing numerous compliments along with negative remarks and misconceptions. There are those who think that sororities and Greek life is full of nothing but parties, playboys and girls. They take the image movies portray and assume that is reality. Fortunately, that is rarely the case. But there are still the common misconceptions people have about sorority girls, here are 10.

1. Sorority girls are all the same.

This is a myth. This statement is usually meant in the manner that every sorority girl is a party animal. In reality, many sorority girls are extremely studious young women, who rarely party. Instead, they focus on their studies and academics.

2. There are too many girls in a sorority to really get to know them all.

Many sororities are made up of 100 girls or less, which really isn’t that many people when you think about it. Sororities also have many events that help foster the relationships between the members.


3. You all can’t be friends.

This is a full-on assumption built on a history of false information. These girls build their bonds over the years, enjoying study tables and coffee hangouts. Just because they do not talk to one another 24/7, does not mean they aren’t friends.

4. You won’t remain friends once you graduate.

Quite the opposite. Because of the bond these girls share, numerous sorority girls remain friends well into their adulthood, often participating in each other’s weddings. Graduations don’t change the relationships between sisters. Sororities are a group of young women who take their bonds and sisters seriously.


5. There’s no diversity in sororities.

This is SO not true. They are generally made up of a diverse group of young women. Skin color is not an issue at hand when it comes to fraternizing with fellow members. Sororities are meant to be about the bond between young women. They are a nurturing environment meant to help the members grow as women.


6. Sororities are basically just one big party.

Like any other group of friends, some are partiers, some aren’t. Sororities, like many college organizations require high academics. This leads to many nights hitting the books rather than the clubs. While the girls enjoy a fun night out every so often, they also know what is at stake.

7. Sorority girls are always so obsessed with their Little/Big.

Littles and Bigs share a relationship like an actual sister tie. They bond over classes, activities, and life in general. Generally, the Bigs look out for their Littles, helping them throughout their collegiate careers. It’s a connection that surpasses friendship.

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8. You only like Fraternity guys.

This is definitely not true. While generally speaking, we like the company of frat guys, we ALSO like the company of guys who aren’t in frats. Guys in fraternities are the same as sorority girls; normal. Also, they understand the perks and responsibilities of Greek life, so we are able to connect with them with something that others don’t understand.

9. Greek Life is so stupid.

Just one opinion out of millions. Everyone has them, right? That being said, this statement usually comes from someone who was rejected or who does not understand the actual workings of Greek life. Greek life is about what you make it. You get back what you put in. It is not bad. Greek life helps in many facets of life; you get lasting friendships, new experiences, and a family.

10. Sororities are just a resume builder.

While sororities look great on any resume, being part of one is SO much more than that. It is an amazing experience, an incredibly fun community and an unbelievably helpful resource. They build you up, giving you another family to be there for you. The important part is that while it plays a big role in your collegiate career, it is not your whole life. Once you leave those hallowed walls of your campus, that part of your life is done, not your friendships, but the other aspects. What you learn from it, you will take with you forever.


And there you have it. These are just some of the interesting misconceptions sorority members have to deal with daily. While there are some not so great aspects of Greek life, it is a wonderful experience for those who take part in!

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