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The 10 Commandments Of College

The 10 Commandments Of College

When in college, there are certain guidelines we can follow in order to survive this crazy whirlwind of a time. Here, I give you the 10 commandments of college.

1. Thou shalt be an avid coffee drinker.

Nothing says “college” quite like a Venti coffee from Starbucks at 3am!

2. Thou shalt not buy textbooks for every class.

Without talking to thou’s professors or thine friends to see if it’s necessary, that is. If you do buy your books before asking, you might end up throwing your money away – literally.

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3. Thou shalt take advantage of free time for naps.

If you aren’t much of a nap taker, college will surely change that!

4. Thou shalt make a good impression with thine professors.

By responding to emails in a timely manner and participating in class. This doesn’t mean you’re a kiss up! This is being a smart student and getting ahead of others who don’t take advantage of getting on their professor’s good side!

5. Thou shalt not stay in thine dorm room all day.

Don’t miss out on things because you stayed in your room studying all day!


6. Thou shalt try new things and not take thine self too seriously.

College is the time in your life to try new things and enjoy yourself! Don’t get too caught up and miss out on having a little fun!

7. Thou shalt stay as organized as possible.

Seriously though – stay organized and you just might make it out of college alive.

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8. Thou shalt not forget thine family.

Remember them? The ones that dropped you off on the first day? Don’t forget about them; they love you, believe it or not!

9. Thou shalt not procrastinate!

Just don’t. Get your assignments in on time, and you’ll be happy you did. Trust me!

10. Thou shalt not panic if things go awry.

In the event that things don’t happen the way you want them to (which is a part of life and growing up), do not panic, breathe, and pull yourself together!


What other commandments of college do you follow? Comment below!

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