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10 Colourpop Makeup Items You Must Have

10 Colourpop Makeup Items You Must Have

Colourpop is an L.A.-based brand that is becoming more and more popular and sold in big-name stores such as Ulta. Colourpop is a brand that I trust and buy from frequently. The products are always great value for the price, and they respect animals by not testing on them. Instead, their products are tested on humans. Colourpop often does collaborations and creates adorable packaging for their great products. The attention to detail, excellent sales, and quality of Colourpops products easily make them one of my favorite makeup brands. It was hard to narrow down to ten Colourpop items you must have, but we believe we picked outstanding products that will leave you wanting more!

1. The Lil’ Box Of Lippie Pencils

There are many lippie pencils available by Colourpop, I happen to love this vault, but you can purchase any of their lippie pencils in any color you want. This set has 10 of their best-selling neutral lippie pencils. They are creamy, and it is an excellent base for applying the lipstick that Colourpop sells. The color payoff is fantastic, and the color choices are abundant. This set has nude colors on the spectrum up to beautiful mocha colors. You can purchase this set or look at other lippie color choices here


2. Lippie Stix

The Lippie Stix is an excellent choice for lipstick by Colourpop. There are many colors to choose from, great pigmentation, and they are creamy. The Lippie Stix is infused with Shea butter and Vitamin E. Each of the Lippie Stix costs approximately $7. 

3. Blur Lux Lipstick

The blurring effect has become a huge trend lately. Soft lips with a blurred look are popping up everywhere. These lipsticks give you a lot of color choices and go on smooth and soft. The slight blur effect leaves your lips looking luscious, kissable, and smooth. Try these excellent blur lux lipsticks here!


4. Super Shock Shadow

Super Shock Shadow color choices are abundant. The eyeshadow is highly pigmented and sparkly. These eyeshadows are creme powders and do not have creasing, fading, or fallout. You can get the remarkable color payoff with just one swipe of the shadow onto your lid. I always recommend primer regardless of the eyeshadow you use, but even if you did not use it for these, the payoff and tiny pieces of glitter are gorgeous.  Keep in mind, the image below is the Animal Crossing version of the Super Shock Shadow, but there are lots of other color choices to choose from. Check out the options here


5. Sandstone Eye Shadow Palette

This palette is filled with amazing neutrals, golds, browns, reds, and overall warm earth tones. I love this palette. The tiny flecks of glitter are perfect for creating a smokey eye or even subtle in color. It is up to you what you create with these palettes, but the choices in this palette are perfect for Summer and Fall. Whether you want something simple or something with a bit of color, this is a must-have palette to own! With 18 colors to choose from in this palette, you cannot go wrong! Check out the palette here

6. Flower Palette

Violets and smokey purples take the lead in this flower palette. You may be wondering why it is named flower if it is only purple colors. The answer is that this palette is part of the Bambi collection. It is a five-pan palette and is perfect for those who love purple or have brown eyes. Purple will make brown eyes pop, and the color choices for purple in this palette will allow you to create a subtle purple look or a smokey purple. Pick up the Flower Palette here

7.  Rainbow Sprinkles Palette

The Rainbow Sprinkles Palette is a quad palette with fresh-pressed glitter. It is a pastel palette with opals, gold, pink, and lavender. This palette is one of the first all fresh-pressed glitter palettes by Colurpop, and it is stunning. These powders are great to put on top of another solid shadow to add glitter and sparkle to your eyes. Of course, you can always opt to wear it solo, but it works great paired with other shadows as well. Get the quad here.


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8. Make It Fearless Shadow Palette

Colourpop partnered up with Pull Up For Change to create a highly pigmented 5-pan eyeshadow palette. The palette color choices allow you to make a bold look with pink, orange, brown, yellow, and gold shadows. I bought this palette, and the pigmentation is gorgeous, and the colors are great. I also love the packaging, and I am positive you will love it as well! What is great about this palette is that 100% of the net profits go to Pull Up For Change Small Business Impact Fund. Buy the palette here.


9. Get Graphic Liquid Liner Pen Vault

These liquid liners are highly pigmented and feature a fine flexible tip making it easy to create any look you are after. I love the color choices for eyeliner, and you can add a pop of color to your lid against a neutral color or add the color against other bold colors. Either way, the color pigmentation and the brush’s flexibility make it easy to create any look. I love these liners and use them often! You can purchase the liners individually, but they also have a vault. Check out the vault here


10. Colour Me Obsessed Creme Gel Eyeliner

These creamy and blendable eyeliners are stunning and a must-have! If you love eyeliners, you will love these creme gel eyeliners. The color payoff is stunning, and the color choices are gorgeous, and, best of all, these liners are long-lasting. I have a set of these, and I love them because you do not have to stick to the typical use of the liner. You can apply the liners to your eyelids, under your brow, or other areas to add color or an excellent design to your eyeshadow or makeup looks. Purchase the set here

If you are looking for affordable makeup products that respect animals and offer great sales and deals, check out Colourpop’s website! Which Colourpop makeup item will you be buying next? Let us know in the comments below! 

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