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10 Clothing Essentials That Should Be In Every Wardrobe

While trends may come and go, basics are the clothing essentials that will always be here to stay. Basics are the kind of pieces that will always give you a good outfit, and are timelessly stylish. Ready to go back to the basics? Here are 10 clothing essentials that are absolute must-haves for every wardrobe.

1.) Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are great because they can be worn in just about every season. This makes them one of the most versatile and essential clothing pieces out there. A timeless denim jacket is one that is medium-washed, and is well-fitted but not too tight. In the fall/winter, you can layer a sweater underneath and add a scarf to pull together a casual yet fashionable look. In the hotter summer months, simply wear a tank top or tube top underneath, and add some gold jewelry as a glamorous statement.

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2.) Dark Wash Jeans

Dark wash jeans have stood the test of time and remain a classic for a reason. They are comfortable to wear and pair well with almost anything. For a classy and sophisticated look, pair the jeans with a simple, fitted tee, and then throw on some heels or flats. For an edgy, street-style outfit add a leather jacket with ankle boots. You can even make jeans look professional by wearing them with a blazer, statement, earrings, and plain pumps. The possibilities are endless, and no matter which look you go for, a perfect pair of jeans is a clothing essential that will have you covered for almost any occasion.

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3.) Little Black Dress

Say no more, this item speaks for itself. Perhaps one of the most beloved pieces of a woman’s wardrobe, the LBD is always on point and will never fail you. The ideal LBD balances classy with sexy with a low cut that shows off some skin, but also semi-modest length to carry you effortlessly from day to night.

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4.) White Tee

The white-tee is an affordable basic that will be a wardrobe lifesaver. It elevates almost any look, but also gives out a laid back and “cool girl” vibe. Pair this white tee with those dark wash jeans mentioned above for a simple yet timeless look. If you’re feeling more bold, kick it up a notch by adding bold contrast pieces, for example bright red earrings paired with bright red heels. A pop of color will contrast the neutral tones of white, and will add some sophisticated interest to a neutral outfit.

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5.) Basic Tank Tops

Now, tank tops might not be the most exciting addition to your wardrobe, but believe me, they will prove to be an important addition. They are extremely versatile and have uses ranging from exercise attire to simple undergarments. For instance, during your workout routine try a tank-top with leggings to maximize mobility and minimize overheating. You can also wear them underneath sheer or see-through shirts for some extra coverage or try them plain at home on those cozy lazy mornings. A simple tank can also be dressed up by adding a neutral cardigan and fitted skirt for an instant professional yet feminine look.

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6.) Trench Coat

The trench coat is yet another one of those clothing essentials that has stood the test of time. There is something about trench coats that adds that “je ne sais quoi” feeling to an outfit, and it perfectly balances professional with fashionable, and classy with sexy. While trench coats are typically worn in the fall and winter, they are also perfect for spring. If you live in warmer climates, short-sleeved trench coats will achieve the same stylish effect while keeping you looking and feeling cool. You can cinch them at the waist to go for a feminine and working-professional look, or wear them open for a more laidback and lightweight feeling.

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7.) Button-Up Blouse

This basic strikes the perfect balance between looking casual yet polished and put-together. They come in all kinds of prints and colors, and can be worn in the office, at brunch, and even for date night. Wear it with jeans or a tight pencil skirt, depending on the season or occasion. 

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8.) Mini Skirt

I cannot stress this one enough, if you were only allowed one skirt in your wardrobe, make it a mini skirt. Considering the typical restrictive nature of a skirt, a mini skirt will allow you surprising freedom in terms of outfit possibilities. In the office, wear a plain colored mini skirt with black tights, white tee, and blazer for a chic yet conservative look. On a day out in the town, pair it with ankle boots and either a sweater or tight-long sleeved shirt and for a cheeky clubbing night, wear with knee-high boots, and a tube top.

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9.) Pumps

Now let’s talk about shoes to go with the outfits mentioned above. Pumps are simple one colored high heels that can be modest or daring, depending on the occasion and outfit. No matter what outfit you choose to pair them with, pumps will always draw attention and are an easy way to elevate a simple outfit. Red pumps will always make a statement, beige pumps are simple and smart, and black pumps are elegant and polished.

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10.) Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are great because they have the versatility that not all kinds of shoes have. They are good basic to own because they will help you easily make the transition from summer to fall, and from fall to winter. Not to mention, they are perfect to wear with skirts, dresses, jeans or tights! Also, they can often be a more comfortable alternative to pumps or heels. To find the perfect fit, make sure they are comfortable to walk in and do not fit too loosely around your heel.

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These are only a few examples of clothing essentials, but nonetheless, they have remained some of my most well-loved and well-worn pieces in my closet. Are there any other clothing essentials I have missed? Let me know your wardrobe favorites or outfit ideas in the comments below!

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