10 Campus Hacks Every Temple Student Should Know

We all know that the worst time to go to the Tech Center is right around finals, but on a normal day when you need a quiet study space (and you want to get away from your roommates), where can you go? The same goes for purchasing a cup of coffee—you want your afternoon caffeine fix, but there’s no chance you want to wait in that 3 o’clock line at Starbucks that’s out the door. Keep reading for 10 of the best resources and hacks that all Temple Owls should know!

1. The Tech Center is crowded? Hit up Tuttleman’s computer lab instead!

The Tech is great if you want to pull an all-nighter studying for a midterm, but sometimes it is more crowded and loud than the SAC during midday. Switch it up and try going to Tuttleman’s computer lab, which is located on the first floor, since it is typically quieter and a little less crowded. You can get there either from the library (walk in the doors, walk straight and it’s on your left when you get into Tuttleman) or you can enter from Tuttleman’s main doors (walk straight, it’ll be directly in front of you).

2. Want Coffee? Try one of the campus’ own coffee shops.

While Saxby’s and Starbucks both take Diamond Dollars (which is something that not a lot of people know), there are other places on campus where you can get a fresh brewed cup of Joe. The lines at Temple’s own cafes are definitely shorter than either of the name-brand coffee places. Lucky Cup Café is located in Annenberg Hall and Jazzman’s Café is located in Alter Hall.


3. Wrap your willy before you get silly! Buy 10 condoms for $1.

At the Wellness Resource Center beneath Mitten Hall (entrance to basement is on Liacouras Walk) you can pick up as many condoms as you want for only 10¢ apiece! They carry typical name brands, such as Trojan, and other types of condoms or items you might want, like dental dams and lube. Non-latex condoms cost slightly more (50¢ apiece) but either way, you’ll be just as safe for a much cheaper price than you would pay at a drugstore!

4. Go to Free Food Fun Fridays. You won’t regret it.

Free Food Fun Fridays is just as free and as fun as it sounds! Every Friday of the school year in the Student Center there are volunteers who hand out free things, from food to drink to anything in between, from 10pm to 1am.

5. Want to join a club? Check out OwlConnect.

There are a ton of organizations at Temple and you don’t want to miss out on a not-so-popular club that might just become your favorite because you didn’t look at OwlConnect.

6. Buy the Wild Cherry Pass.

If you’re a huge sports fan like me, you’ll find that the Wild Cherry Pass is totally worth the $45. You get to join the Cherry Crusade, which is Temple’s die-hard sports fans who attend all the games and cheer the loudest. While you can get free tickets (if you like standing in line for 2 hours the day before game day), it’s so much easier to buy the tickets in advance online. You get a free Temple Under Armour shirt with your purchase, which is almost worth $45 on it’s own!

7. Check OwlNetwork frequently.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a graduating Owl, there are hundreds of opportunities for you to get an internship or a starting job (part- or full-time) if you look on OwlNetwork. There are always new openings posted for you to look into. You can even upload your resume and apply with the click of a button to some jobs.

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8. Sign up for your Temple Class Facebook page.

Some of the coolest friends I’ve met at Temple were because of the Temple Class of 2019 Facebook page! It’s a great place to meet your peers, discuss the newest happenings around campus (such as parties or festivals), or sell books you bought and don’t need anymore.


9. Don’t buy textbooks for the first day of classes.

Even if you may think you need that $300 book for your gen-ed class, think again. From my experience, most professors assign little to no homework from the texts they “assign”. Almost all homework is online, such as submitting a paper or responding to a discussion post on Blackboard, and the books are only “assigned” to help guide you through complicated lessons. The only book I ever genuinely used more than once was my General Chemistry book (and even then I barely understood the subject). Your professor should tell you during syllabus week whether or not you actually need the book or not. If you’re still unsure, you can ask on the Temple Class Facebook pages if such and such professor uses the book they assign.

10. Relax at the Bell Tower.

Waiting between classes and don’t feel like walking back to your dorm? The Bell Tower is always eventful, even in the winter. From fundraisers to bake sales, different clubs set up shop right in the center of campus. You can get a tasty treat or just enjoy the bustling atmosphere while sitting on the lawn. Enjoy your time as a Temple Owl!

What other hacks should Temple students know? Comment below and share with friends!
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