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10 Black Youtubers You Need To Subscribe To

Youtube has seen generations of stars come and go since its founding in 2005. Being a successful Youtube star takes talent, personality, and dedication. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that white and even other non-black Youtubers get more visibility, more engagement, and more money than black Youtubers do. Youtube is filled with black talent creating their own lanes of success in their respective industries. It’s up to us, the consumer, to give these hardworking talents the engagement they deserve. Here are 10 Black Youtubers you need to subscribe to.

1. Amanda Elimian

As a 20-year-old college student at USC, Amanda Elimian has amassed a large and dedicated social media presence in only a few short years. Elimian is a pre-med student with aspirations to become a doctor, but her talents do not end there. She is also a talented freelance makeup artist. As a commentary YouTuber, her channel’s content consists of makeup reviews, music reviews, television and movie reviews, and other pop culture elements. Elimian, a personal favorite of mine, is so incredibly personable. When listening to her videos, it feels like having a nice conversation with a close friend rather than listening to an internet personality. She is wise beyond her years, as she approaches sensitive topics with unapologetic passion and tactful nuance. Also, her witty one-liners will have you in tears. 

2. Keyon Elkins

20-year-old college student Keyon Elkins has made quite the online presence for himself. After creating his Youtube channel at just 13-years-old, Elkins has finally started to gain the visibility and engagement he deserves in these recent years. His channel’s content consists of lifestyle vlogs, funny videos, rants, and creative skits. Elkins is also pursuing a passion for photography. 

3. Ellarie

Beauty celebrity, mother, and entrepreneur Ellarie is a master in the beauty Youtuber scene. Ellarie’s Youtube channel consists of makeup and hair tutorials and product reviews on popular makeup products. However, her largest claim to fame is her mother-daughter videos with her daughter Zara, nicknamed Yoshidoll. The adorable dynamic duo has amassed over six-hundred thousand subscribers with their beauty blogging. Her daughter even has her own Youtube channel with over three hundred thousand subscribers. 

4. Kenneth Senegal 

Very rarely will you ever see Kenneth Senegal without a sickening contoured face and lustrous lipstick. Creator of the Youtube channel HeFlawless, Kenneth Senegal oozes confidence and poise with little to no effort. His channel consists of makeup tutorials as well as personal vlogs and storytimes. Senegal is a voice for black LGBTQ individuals and a multitalented creative talent in fashion and makeup. 

5. Denzel Dion

Unapologetic social media sensation Denzel Dion is dominating his online spaces. The Ghanian-American personality began his career on Vine before moving onto Youtube. Since growing his platform on Youtube, Dion has branched out to pursue fashion, podcasting, and acting. On Youtube, Dion solidified his brand as he gave his expert, and oftentimes divisive, opinions of fashion, social media trends, and pop culture. His videos are authentically hilarious and real, and Dion does not filter himself for anyone. His one-of-a-kind friendship with fellow social media star Rickey Thompson has only blossomed over the years as the duo has teamed up to create several popular projects such as their Snapchat series ‘Road Trippin’ and their Spotify Podcast ‘We Said What We Said.’

6. Rickey Thompson

Former vine superstar turned multifaceted Internet personality Rickey Thompson is one of the most entertaining personalities. It’s safe to say that he has held that title since his Vine days in the early 2010s. For this prolific actor, comedian, and fashion model, comedy and humor come naturally. When watching one of his videos, it’s almost impossible not to laugh. His positivity and vitality are infectious. Whether watching one of his everyday vlogs or a video dedicated to a specific pop culture topic, Thompson’s unbridled energy and unapologetic flavor ooze through. His long-lasting friendship with fellow Youtuber and social media personality Denzel Dion only adds to his charm, as the two of them combine for incredible collaborations. 

7. Terrell Grice

A talented content creator and producer, Terrell Grice is a ray of light in the Youtube community. A connoisseur of all things music-related, Grice hosts his own show on his Youtube channel called The Terrell Show. He interviews various musical guests and discusses topics privy to the music industry. Grice is a talented singer himself with an affinity for soulful music and melodies. His videos are a joy to watch, as he combines his comical personality, digital media creation skills, and musical talent. Grice is one of many LGBTQ creators sharing his talents with the world. 

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8. Notty Designs 

Created by young freelance artist Notty, Notty Designs is a premium Youtube channel for all things spiritual. Notty specializes in fashion, makeup, watercolor art, witchcraft, hoodoo, spirituality, tarot, and meditation. Her channel reflects all of her talents and passions for all of these things. She also has a popular business with which she sells her unique artwork. As a beginner, if you want to add spirituality to your lifestyle, Notty Designs is the place to begin. 

9. AJayll

One of the most popular music Youtubers to date, Ajayll combines her love of music with her animated personality for the most entertaining Youtube videos. Although not professionally trained in music, Ajayll doesn’t let that stop her. Her passion for music listening has led her to share her opinions of various artists and albums. When new music drops, Ajayll is the first person to see. 

10. Alissa Ashley 

Not to be confused with her twin sister, fellow Youtuber Arnell Armon, Alissa Ashley is an influential beauty influencer on the platform. However, you should also check out Armon’s channel as well! Ashley has amassed almost two million subscribers in three short years by utilizing unconventional makeup methods and challenging influencer culture. Ashley has some of the most high-quality makeup looks on the platform. 

These talents are the finest in Youtube entertainment. Do you have any other black Youtubers to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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