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10 Best Places To Hook Up At Penn State

10 Best Places To Hook Up At Penn State

Coming into college, I was 76% sure I was not well educated on sex and the hookup culture. The fact that people could hook up with a different person almost every night (if they are an overachiever, of course) was mind boggling. I mean this is Penn State, we are not known as under achievers (looking at you, SAT scores from high school and GPAs from the semester from hell). We excel in both academics and hook ups. Multi-talented? Absolutely. The Nittany Lion roar cannot only be heard from Beaver Stadium, but also from these campus hookup spots. If you’re looking to do the dirty or hit up a quick makeout sesh, check out these places to hook up at Penn State.

1. The Penn State Stacks

The first place to hook up at Penn State is the Stacks. Just walk up through the Pattee Mall, through the revolving doors, to the left, and up the stairs, and you have met your match. Every student I have encountered here at Penn State has brought up how having sex in the stacks is their number one priority before they graduate. It’s a little risky and frisky considering there are huge windows that students stare at on their way around campus, and there was an unresolved murder on the third level. But hey, go for it!

2. The Roof Of Your Favorite Frat

AGR? Pike? Kappa Sigma? TKE? These are just a few of the many fraternities here on Penn State’s campus. Which one would you most likely have a hookup in or on the rooftop of? Up on the rooftop frat boys go, Natty Light with a great big flow, any girl could try to hide, but what they are really looking for is a ride or die.

3. Arborteum

Not keen to the idea of a frat rooftop? Digging the more romantic Penn State hookup culture? Try the Arborteum! There are plenty of bushes to hide whatever you do not want to show. A crucial tip for this one is not to go during the weekends or midday on big alumni and football weekends. You will definitely get interrupted. The best time would be sunrise or sunset on a weekday.

4. Willard

The good old Willard building is always a tricky one but definitely doable (just like you)! Willard is one of the student favorites here on campus. So, why not make it your new favorite hookup spot? Throw up some construction paper saying, “do not disturb! Physics 212 exam review in progress,” and no one will dare to enter.


5. Beaver Stadium 50 Yard Line

Nationally, Penn State’s Beaver Stadium is one of the best and most well-known college football stadiums. So, why not be able to say you hooked up there? I’ve heard stories of couples doing it on the 50 yard line. Yes, the 50 yard line. Check and mate, cross it off the bucket list, grab your diploma, and be able to talk about it for the rest of your life. Hey kids, mom and I are legends!

6. East Hall Showers/East Halls In General

As a Penn State student, we know most freshman live in East Halls. These halls are legendary – no lie! Every student will have at least one hookup in one of these halls sometime before they leave this campus. Did you even go to Penn State if you didn’t hear a floor mate and casual weekend hookup in the shower stall next to you? No, no you did not.

7. Old Main Lawn

This is an easy one for anyone who’s looking for a top place to hook up at Penn State. Long night of studying or partying? Move on over to the Old Main lawn. There’s plenty of room and a lot of soft grassy space.

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8. IM Building

Personally, I never thought about this building on campus until I was running at Intramural Building this past week. I kept thinking about how many calories I was burning at that very moment. Then, my mind crawled over to this article. There must be people who’ve hooked up in the locker room or one of those corners in the hallway near the cycling room. I mean kissing does burn up to three calories per minute depending on intensity.

9. HUB Lawn

If Old Main gets a little crowded, just hop on over to the newly opened Hub Lawn. Penn State was so generous to our sex lives that they gave us a second lawn in case Old Main didn’t work out after a night on the town.

10. Football Parking Lots

This is an easy one, but also the most convenient, especially if you have a car on campus or around campus. Just pick up your hookup and make your way out to the football parking lots. Yes, a lot of tailgates occur here during the weekends of football Saturdays, but once they’ve cleared out, go on and take advantage of the peace and quiet, the pretty stars, and Beaver Stadium in the background.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, mark these spots on your bucket list of what to do before graduating, and then you can say you’ve taken advantage of the best places to hook up at Penn State.

Know any other good spots to hook up at Penn State? Comment below!

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