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10 Best Male Fragrances

As little boys going into middle school, our first step into maturity is understanding that we must maintain our body fragrances. At first, we start with simple things like AXE body spray, but as we turn into men, we soon have to leave that simple stuff for some more sophisticated fragrances.

1. Creed

Created by James Creed in Paris France, Creed cologne is presented as the new Viking Cologne Eau de Perfume for men. 

This new cologne adds a feeling of boldness, fresh fragrance with a captivating masculine appearance leaving you feeling both mesmerized and enchanted by its scent.

2. Bleu de Chanel

You can say the Blue de Chanel is one of those sharp colognes with its strong citrus smell that incorporates the scent of both pepper and mint. It includes mixtures of Jasmine, Ginger, and Lavender making it a captivating romantic springtime scent that has a more classy tone. 

Even though this cologne does sound almost reminiscent of all the other fancy fragrances because of its popularity, that doesn’t take away the fact that it has a nice smelling scent. Its freshness smell like a soft lemon with the sweetness of orange and has a classic man cologne vibe in a modern version.

3. Dior Sauvage

If you are looking for that special scent that adds a heavy pepper smell that reacts perfectly with mint and other smells, this cologne captures the smelling of an exotic spice garden. The sharp smell of this cologne is brought out by a lavender breeze touch. 

Not only is this cologne popular among most young men, but it has piqued interest in most celebrities as well. Johnny Depp recently made a paid partnership with Dior where he advertised it in a recent commercial. This made marketing sales rise exponentially letting everyone know this is the cologne to get.

4. Chanel

For many decades, Chanel has made an impact in the fashion industry not just from both cologne and perfume sales, but being able to create new versions of their products making one sell a lot more than the other. Chanel’s most recent product is the Chanel Allure Homme Sport cologne. 

Chanel decided to come up with the idea of coming up with a cologne that can be used for having both a casual and sports feeling. It is an overall wonderful fragrance that reacts to athletic movement making the aroma both masculine and stimulating.

5. Dolce & Gabbana

If your just looking for those casual spring and summertime vibes, Dolce and Gabbana give off the satisfying aroma of citrus and a light feeling. This delightful fragrance offers a light blue citrus bouquet with captivating smells such as pine rosemary and dark juniper and a light tangerine color during springtime. 

This cologne, in particular, sells so well that during the summertime most celebrity’s like to endorse it for commercial use. So if you ever have the idea of wanting to represent a cologne by a famous icon, Dolce and Gabbana is the special cologne of choice.

6. Usher

It is no surprise that for years, even famous musicians and actors decided to get into the marketing and advertising business to collect more from people who buy their products. Back in 2007 Usher released his signature cologne that of course, goes by his name himself “Usher”. 

For more than two decades, Usher has been identified as this erotic male the embodies the ideal man for every woman. This new cologne is meant to stimulate a deep intimate connection between couples while still being able to provide that refreshing warmth feeling throughout the day.

7. Pour Un Homme De Caron

We have all heard that phrase, you can’t beat a classic. Well when it comes to cologne, in particular, this will always be that one item that will hold on to its original essence. Pour Un Homme De Caron is a particular type of cologne that is said to already have most of the typical ingredients that other cologne companies have been using for several years. 

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With a light Rosemary head featured with a touch of lavender and oakmoss, it gives off the feeling of light spring. Summer and Spring have never smelt so good with this relaxing classic scent of nature.

8. Gucci

Aside from being pretty much the biggest and most expensive fashion brand in the world, Gucci colognes have just as much popularity and freshness as the brand’s famed clothes and accessories being the face of Italy’s top-selling product in the fashion market. that appeals to both young and mature men.

From a wide selection of scents that include bright light and dark earth, Gucci cologne remains to be one of the most seductive colognes to represent the Italian luxury line where its fragrance is meant to meet every single occasion.

9. Versace

Once again, Italy is back at it again with the top-of-the-line luxury style colognes. Versace cologne is pretty much represented as the Italian designer powerhouse. Versace fragrances can be captivating and daring, but also classy enough for everyday casual wear. Versace Eros in particular is seen as that casual fragrance. It features the right amount of citrus that makes a gentle springtime fragrance stunning. 

Even though Versace is primarily popular among most young men, it’s more of a refined look to be more mature enough for older men as well for casual everyday life.

10. Creed Green Irish Tweed

Every cologne needs an upgraded 2.0 version to stay up to date with other special smelling fragrances. Coming off from the original Creed Aventus, Creed Green Irish Tweed offers more of a refreshing brisk fragrance that is more refined, giving a smoother touch of verbena and a darker musky base. Green Irish Tweed opens with top steps  of iris and lemon verbena which reacts perfectly in the springtime. 

This fragrance represents a woody floral musk that appeals to the rich Irish countryside that is worn by most mature celebrities. The fragrance captures the sense of being rich, fresh, sporty, and an unforgettable feeling.

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