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10 Best Jackets To Wear All Fall Long

My favorite season is coming. FALL! I love the colors of the falling leaves, the cooler days that make tea and hot coffee hit the spot. The pumpkin patches, bonfires, corn mazes, hot apple cider. Man, I would marry fall if I could, I love it that much.

With fall heading our way, we must be prepared with the right equipment to stay warm and look good. With the right jacket, you can take the colder winds while still looking hot AF. Find the right jackets to go on your favorite fall adventures because of course, every adventure has to have that particularly adorable outfit to go along with it.  Here are ten gorgeous fall jackets that will do just the trick for you.

1. Suede Cropped Jacket

This suede cropped jacket will be perfect for the beginning of the beautiful fall season. With the sun still shining a bit, this jacket will be just right for the cooler temperature outside and will have people asking you where you got it from.

Match it with your favorite skinny jeans and high top Converse. This jacket with its neutral colors is very versatile and will go with just about anything.

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2. Utility Jacket

This utility jacket is adorable!! And the colors it comes in makes it even more worth getting. With some cute blue jeans and your fave flats, this look will be adorable for a fun shopping trip with your friends.

This jacket works great if you are someone who doesn’t like to carry around a purse as the pockets on this jacket are larger. It will keep you warm on those fall chilly days and keep you looking good as hell.

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3. Jean Jacket

The classic jean jacket. This jacket can be worn literally any time of any day and still work great! Wear this number with your favorite sweatshirt underneath to give it a little more worth as the colder weather begins to hit.

This jacket would be perfect for a night at your school’s football game. Pair it will any colored beanie and some rain boots to create an adorable fall look.

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4.  Wax Field Jacket

Your fall look is never complete unless you have a field jacket. This wax field coat is perfect for some dirty work out in the yard on a nice fall day. Maybe you plan on going out for a hike to see all of the beautiful colors of the fall leaves. Either way, this jacket is perfect for going outside and getting active while staying warm and looking dang cute.

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5.  Quilted Jacket

What is better than a blanket? A jacket that is literally blanket material! This quilted jacket will keep you cozied up on an exciting fall adventure in a haunted corn maze. Get close to your friends or your boo as you are getting your socks scared right off you.

Match this cozy jacket with a casual tee and your favorite skinny jeans. If you are planning on a night in a corn maze, match it with some fun rain boots that will keep you from getting dirty but that will also complete this look.

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6.  Teddy Jacket

Let’s continue with the cozy train as this teddy jacket is super soft and will keep you hella warm. Wear this baby out for a lovely stroll in the park or on that hayride with your girlfriends. Or maybe you want to just go out for a hot cup of coffee. Whatever the occasion for this fall jacket, you’ll stay extra cozy for an awesome fall adventure!

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7.  Plaid Lapel Long Sleeve Blazer

Just like the cutie in the photo, this jacket is perfect for a day perusing the shelves of a bookstore. Let your sophisticated side shine while finding the perfect books to read on a cold fall day by a warm fire.

This blazer will make everyone think you know everything because you’ll look the part. And plaid is such a fall look. Don’t hesitate to wear your glasses instead of contacts to complete this very classy look.

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8.  Camel  Coat

This camel jacketis perfect for a fall date. It will fancy up any outfit and keep you warm as you go out with your boo. Like the picture below, it is the perfect coat to go pick out your pumpkins for October or to a nice dinner outside under a heat lamp and twinkling lights.

Pair this long coat with some cute thigh-high boots and your favorite dark jeans. Make your boo treat you to a yummy caramel apple just because you look so good.

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9.  Corduroy Fur Jacket

I remember I had a corduroy jacket when I was younger and I loved that thing. I wore it all the time and I was devastated when I grew out of it. Now that I am pretty much done growing, I need to find myself another one, and so do you!

This jacket will keep you super warm and it would be great for a walk on the beach while a light drizzle comes down. Pair it with that fall beanie you keep for this season and let the cold wind turn your nose pink.

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10. Cargo Jacket

Another perfect jacket for the start of fall. This light jacket works with that slight breeze and when that sun is out, roll the sleeves up a bit. This jacket is also very versatile and would look great with a sun hat and some cute sunglasses.

As this is a lighter jacket, make sure to carry around an umbrella if you live in an area where it rains a lot. Though this jacket is adorable, it won’t keep you from getting soaked.

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Fight the upcoming cool breeze while also looking stylish as hell. Which fall jacket was your favorite out of the ten? Let us know down below!

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Madison McGarrah

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