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10 Best College Bars in Boston

10 Best College Bars in Boston

Are you a student in Boston looking for a fun night out on a college budget? If so, you need to check out these 10 Boston bars that are booming with college kids! 

1. Tavern In The Square 

Located in the heart of downtown Boston right across from TD Garden is Tavern in the Square. Tavern in the Square, otherwise knowns as T.I.T.S is one of a college students’ favorites for a fun night out. Open ’til 2am on weekends, T.I.T.S offers multitudes of cocktail options along with an array of beers on tap. T.I.T.S doubles as a sports bar and a night club with one long bar with stools on one side and one large dance floor on the other.

At T.I.T.S, the atmosphere is energetic and exciting. It’s a perfect place for a college thirsty Thursday! You can grab yourself a few beers and chill at the bar, or you can order an alcohol bucket and get far more alcohol for just a bit more money. If you love to dance, listen to music, and drink by the bucketful, then Tavern in the Square is the bar for you! 


10 Best College Bars in Boston

2. Baseball Tavern 

The Baseball Tavern is every college sports fan’s go-to bar. It is located directly across from Fenway Park and has been the sports bar for the neighborhood and the Boston Red Sox for over 50 years. 

This is the bar you go to before a baseball game, after a baseball game, and if you just want to watch a baseball game. Complete with 30 HDTV big-screen TVs and a rooftop deck, you will never want to watch a baseball game anywhere else after watching one here!


10 Best College Bars in Boston

3. The Lansdowne Pub 

Also located across from Fenway, The Landsdowne Pub is famous for its Irish atmosphere. The Lansdowne Pub is an Irish bar where you can act and drink like the Irish do! 


This bar offers a variety of fun activities ranging from DJ nights and live music to themed trivia nights. They also offer karaoke and neighborhood nights where you can get $1 oysters, $5 Burgers, 50-cent wings, and even a $15 prime rib dinner! It doesn’t get much better than that on a college budget!

10 Best College Bars in Boston

4. Cask ‘n Flagon 

A Fenway staple since 1969, Cask ‘n Flagon is the perfect place to enjoy a meal, grab a beer, watch a game, attend a function, or just meet up with friends. 

Cask ‘n Flagon is complete with all the best American pub food. You can grab an appetizer of wings or nachos, eat light with a salad, or share a pizza amongst friends. 

10 Best College Bars in Boston

5. Sissy K’s 

A Boston Landmark for over 25 years and located inside Faneuil Hall, Sissy K’s is the busiest bar in the downtown area. 7 nights a week, business is booming! Known for it’s cheap beer and great food, college students are instantly drawn to this bar! 

If you are visiting Boston and are looking for a good time, head to Sissy K’s for some live music, karaoke, and dancing! The best part is you can enjoy these perks all seven nights a week!

10 Best College Bars in Boston

6. Biddy Early’s 

Biddy Early’s, voted 2013’s best dive bar in Boston Magazine, is an old landmark in the Financial District. It is a little dive bar just walking distance from Boston’s Aquarium where you can feel the history in the ambiance. 

With its dim lighting and dusty wood floors, you can really feel a sense of historical Boston in the bar’s atmosphere. While it may seem old and outdated, it’s never changing familiarity gives its customers a sense of Boston and a sense of home, and that is why it’s customers keep coming back. 

10 Best College Bars in Boston

7. The Landing 

Known as one of the best outdoor bars in Boston, The Landing is located on Long Wharf on the Boston Harbor. Because of its location and inviting outdoor atmosphere, The Landing is the working person’s go-to after-hours bar. 

Whether your a student or a full-time Boston worker, The Landing has something for you. Whether it be the harbor views, the people watching, or the signature drinkable fishbowl cocktails, The Landing will quickly become one of your favorite bars in Boston. 

10 Best College Bars in Boston

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8. The Pour House 

The name says it all. The Pour House Bar & Grill is a poor college student’s dream. It’s even known to Bostonians as an inexpensive watering hole for people who want to have a good time on a budget! 

The price gets customers in the door, and the aesthetically pleasing dark brick walls and neon beer signs keep people coming in. Customers love the graffiti menus and the array of video games throughout the bar. 

This bar, because of it’s playful details, makes people feel like kids again. They can get lost in the games while they enjoy a few drinks. They can lose track of time just having innocent fun! 

10 Best College Bars in Boston

9. Thorntons 

Thorntons Fenway Bar and Grille is the perfect spot for any college kids residing in the Fenway area. While it is small with minimal inside seating, it makes up for that with its deals and great food. 

Thornton’s offers deals specifically for college students, such as five-dollar margaritas and 25-cent chicken wings on Thursdays. Because of this, Thorntons is the perfect pre-game bar. If you are planning a night out of partying with your friends, then you should stop by Thorntons. You can grab some food, save some money, and get a cheap buzz going! 

10 Best College Bars in Boston

10. Howl At The Moon Boston 

Howl at the Moon Boston is known as the hottest bar in Boston. There are always events going on. College kids can dress to impress, get spooky, and party all night with their friends. 

Similar to Tavern in the Square, Howl at the Moon is famous for its endless options of colorful cocktails. You can get singular cocktails, dessert flavored shots, or drink buckets consisting of either 24 or 82 ounces of pure alcohol. 

10 Best College Bars in Boston

Is there a Boston bar with a fun college nightlife that we forgot to mention? Comment below and tell us where you and your friends like to party in the city! 

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