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10 Best Coffee Shops In Los Angeles

Coffee shops are more popular than ever before. Los Angeles is a city full of endless options for your morning cup of coffee. The shops on this list all offer amazing beverages and are cute and definitely Instagram worthy. Whether you’re in the mood for an iced coffee, latte, mocha or just a normal cup of coffee, this list will definitely have something for you.

1. The Palm

This shop is located in Burbank and is fairly new. It has adorable decorations, including palm leaves painted on the window, hence the name. There is a trendy neon sign inside that reads “this is the sign you’ve been waiting for”, which is perfect for Instagram stories. Their menu includes basic coffee and espresso drinks. They also have fun specialty drinks, such as the Lucky Charms matcha. They also offer breakfast and lunch options. This is a great spot to hit for a local neighborhood coffee shop feel.

2. BLVD Cafecito

Another great option located in Burbank. This shop made the list because of their amazing specialty drinks. My favorite is definitely the Horchata latte, which keeps me coming back for more. Their Mexican mocha is also worth mentioning and they have a good pastry selection, including muffins and cookies. This is a fun place to try to get out of your comfort zone and try new flavors. 

3. Alfred’s Coffee

This is an LA staple. If you are visiting Los Angeles, you have to come here. There are locations all over LA, including spots in Studio City, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. It’s hard to come across an LA girl’s Instagram that doesn’t have a picture taken at Alfred’s on it. Celebrities also frequent here, which adds to the excitement. 

4. Blue Bottle Coffee

This is a newer addition to the Los Angeles area, but still a great option. They have a more classic coffee menu, but it’s great for an everyday coffee stop. The shop has a very sleek and minimalist look, which makes it very inviting. Their avocado toast is also amazing. This could be a great place to catch up on work or study as well.

5. Coffee Dose

This is another must-visit if you are on the search for Instagram ops. It is located on Melrose. Their cups are too cute to not take pictures of. They say “Anti Bitch Serum” on them. They also have large wall art that says “Sit down, be humble”. This is a super trendy place that is just too LA to not include on my list. Their menu offers several varieties of coffee and they have Matcha as well. They also have specialty lattes and some even contain CBD, turmeric or collagen, depending on your choice. 

6. Bluestone Lane

Another newer addition to the LA coffee scene. This Australian coffee shop offers a variety of different coffee and foods. Their menu includes popular Australian cuisine, which is great when you want to branch out and try something new. The Aussie latte is a great choice. It includes ice cream and coffee, so how could you go wrong? This is also a great place to bring your laptop and work on schoolwork or even just your side hustle. 

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7. Republic of Pie

This is a hidden gem found in North Hollywood. Even though the name focuses on the pie they serve, it is definitely classified as a coffee shop. It has a very comfortable and cozy feel. It can get crowded with people doing their work there because it is such a great environment. They have a huge variety of coffees and teas as well. Their chai latte is amazing. You also can’t leave without getting a slice of pie. They have a ton of choices, but my favorite is the banana cream pie. This is a great place to go solo to get work done or to meet up with friends and catch up. On certain nights, they also have local musical artists perform, which is always fun.

8. Simply Coffee

Another small neighborhood coffee shop. The owner and workers are extremely nice and there always a bunch of local regulars who frequent here, which is nice to see in a large city like Los Angeles. The menu is fun and is divided into coffee drinks and then better options for sweet lovers. Their Mexican mocha is great. Their quiches and breakfast sandwiches are also a must-try. This is a great go-to place that has amazing drinks but doesn’t try to hard to fit in with other typical LA shops.

9. Coffee Commissary

This place had to be on the list because of their full breakfast menu, which sets it apart from all the others. They have great breakfast burritos and sandwiches. Their pastries are also homemade and will not disappoint. It’s a great place to meet up with friends for a casual breakfast and cup of coffee.

10. Go Get Em Tiger

I love this coffee shop. There are several locations, but my favorite one is found in Larchmont Village. It’s in a great location as well. This is a perfect stop for a weekend morning where you just want to grab a coffee, then walk around and shop. They offer bottled cold brew to go, which is a great touch to the menu. Other than that, they have plenty of coffees, teas, and pastries to satisfy any wants. 

Coffee shops are all the rage and half of the fun is trying out new ones. Los Angeles has endless options for food and beverages and coffee is no exception. This list can give you inspiration for the next time you want to branch out and try a new place. All of these places offer many options, so you are guaranteed to find something you’ll enjoy. Feel free to add to the list by commenting on your favorite coffee spot down below! Also, let us know if you try out any places on the list and let us know what your favorite drink was.

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