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10 Best Classic and New Style Alcohol Beverages

10 Best Classic and New Style Alcohol Beverages

I understand wanting to have the urge of wanting a nice captivating drink, but at the same time being hesitant to try into having to take into consideration like price. 

1. Bacardi Mojitos have the best classic Latin flavor

It’s not the look that makes acholic drinks taste good, it’s the simple ingredients in them that give it that nice taste. 


I feel as if the best way to add some flavor to a bland drink is by giving it a nice Latin spice with some traditional Bacardi Mojitos. Pretty soon, that Latin salsa dance vibe will start to kick in. 

2. White Wine and Dine

If you have ever had that feeling to just want to have a nice girl’s night out, then a couple of glasses of nice sweet white wine will do the job with no problem. 

Wine is preferably the most popular drink that appeals to more women. Chardonnay for example is a very unique wine because it gives off its flavor that can change depending on the climate. During the summer it can have a tropical taste like mango or pineapple. So, it makes sense to want to get your girlfriends together and enjoy a nice tropical chardonnay. 

3. Jake and Coke 

Like most men who like to drink, our choices are pretty much straightforward with some classic choices. Jake and Coke, give off that sophisticated mixed drink tone with a simple effort to make it.


Even though Jake Danial’s is recognized as that typical strong southern style liquor made only to be conquered by headstrong countrymen, if mixed with the right amount of juice or soda, it can give off the right amount of sweetness while still giving that strong alcohol buzz that we all want to feel. 

4. Hennessey Gang 

Sometimes the best way to find that perfect drink idea, you are going to have to ditch the chaser and go straight towards the dark liquor if you’re trying to turn up with the squad. In this case, it’s straight Hennessy, the liquor of all liquors that is used for any type of party situation. 

For many years, Hennessy has been used as the ideal popular drink because of most celebrity rappers and actors like 2pac, Dr.Dre, Kanye West, and Nas. These artists purchase these drinks making whoever else buys them feel as if he or she is on the same level of popularity as these celebrities. After all ” Hennything is Possible”. 

5. Corona Time

Just because summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean your summertime vibe has to leave as well. Corona is pretty much seen as that laid-back type of beer where you most likely see at beaches, park barbeques, and most obviously Mexican restaurants. 


A lot of people find Corona beer very rare because unlike most American beers, so it gives off the unique feeling of out-of-country fanciness. With its tropical citrus flavor, it’s no wonder why this beer is popular in both countries. 

5. Giving Vodka a little bit of flavor

Vodka is pretty much seen as that type of drink to not mess with so carelessly. But to be honest, all that it needs is a sweet little flavor. Flavored Vodkas are the perfect liquor when it comes to the art of infusion for alcohol. 


Even though Vodka is a clear liquor, it’s just as strong as dark liquor making it hard not to use a chaser. However, flavored Vodkas like strawberry for example have just the right alcohol taste with a smooth fruit flavor making it easy to sip straight. It’s the perfect way to loosen up with something nice and smooth. 

6. Jello Shots 

Remember back when you were in grade school and there was always that one kid who had a pack of fancy jello to eat? Fast-forwarding towards adulthood were still doing the same thing but with some kick this time.

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The idea of Jello shots is used as a form of entertainment at drinking parts while being able to relive those good childhood memories of having your favorite fruit snack. The idea of adding gelatin with gin makes a great idea for a tasteful tonic drink. Not to mention, they give off a bright captivating look. 

8. Mimosas

The one time of the day where busy adults get to enjoy themselves is Brunch. ordering dishes with tasty fruit trays and fresh vegetables. But of course, let us not forget the morning Mimosas. This is probably the one alcoholic beverage that goes right for the morning. 


Aside from the exotic name, Mimosas are pretty simple to make considering that it is made up of orange juice and Chardonnay. Knowing that you can make a simple drink like this while having food on the side makes brunching feel like we are adulting in a classy way. 

9. Jager Bombs 

Ever had a Jager Bomb before? This simple drink is designed for the right idea of having an exotic turnup while getting a jolt of energy. This simple electrifying cocktail is made with two ingredients Redbull energy drinks and  Jägermeister.  


The use of a Jagerbomb is pretty simple, just pour some Jägermeister in a shot glass and fill a tall glass halfway with Redbull energy drink, drop the shot glass into the glass of Redbull and enjoy. With the idea of mixing alcohol and energy drinks, this cocktail brings together two different flavors that give off a nice buzz. 

10. Margaritas

Margaritas are considered to be life’s happiest moments having millions of hashtags on social media, this drink is used for the perfect way of having a good time. This simple concoction made from tequila, lime juice, agave, and orange liqueur has brightened the taste buds of many people. 

What’s crazy about the Margaritas is that even though it represents the identity of Latin culture, the Margarita has quickly ascended to becoming America’s number one cocktail of choice. Even Americans love having an outside culture taste when it comes to flavoring different types of alcoholic drinks.