10 Best Beaches to Visit While Traveling

Traveling to a beach is probably the best way to spend a vacation. Whether if it’s celebrating a girl’s getaway trip, spending time with the family, or having a fun time as a couple. Here are some of the best beaches that serve the purpose of having a good time.  

1. Ocean City

The best way to get used to visiting beaches is by going to ones in your home state. As a state of Maryland resident, Ocean City beach is quite the attraction for family fun opportunities. This beach allows family’s and friends to come together for fun adventures of fishing, live classical bands while being able to tour the historic part of Maryland. 

Relaxation in your home state


2. Virginia Beach

After we get a little taste of going to our first beach in our home time, this is the best time to start traveling to other beaches outside the state. Virginia beach, obviously being the biggest attraction in the state of Virginia offers one of the biggest attractions for entertainment and education on the east coast. Virginia Beach offers an Ocean Breeze Waterpark and an Aquarium Marine Science Center. This makes it perfect for kids to enjoy their time on vacation while having a fun way to explore their knowledge. 

Knowledge and entertainment is the perfect mix for relaxation

3. Myrtle Beach 

I have been going to Myrtle Beach for almost 20 years, and let me just say this spot never fails in providing all the best forms of entertainment and family time. The spot is the central area for a 60 mile stretch for its glorious strand. The strip area would have to be the best part of the beach where it has amusement parks, nightclubs, golf courses, and a section where you can launch fireworks to light up the night. One unique thing about Myrtle beach is that not all the entertainment is just at the beach itself. A few miles away from  the beach has some of the biggest family attractions like Broadway at the beach where everyone comes together at this spot to enjoy good food, go shopping while seeing spectacular live performances. 


Relaxation for the family to enjoy

4. Miami Beach

Miami Beach has that solid reputation of being the craziest, wildest, and most lit beach in all of the United States. This beach is the main attraction for drawing young adults who are seeking a fun time in doing the wildest things from riding janskies to seeing celebrity performances. Miami also goes by the nickname the ” Magic City” because of its warm waters, wonderful sunsets, and relaxing breezes. If you and your friends are looking for a wild crazy night, Miami is the destination spot. 

A beach trip should have both relaxation and wild times


5. Huntington Beach

This beach in California is best for attracting people who are dedicated surfers. Huntington Beach is the best spot if anyone wants to start to learn surfing considering how there are so many surf schools in every section. This beach is also said to be the most laid-back beach for trying to catch the perfect relaxing vibe for Surf City. So whether if you are coming to this beach to find that perfect wave or simply relax surfside, Huntington is the place to go.  

Relaxation is easy after a long day of surfing

6. The Bahamas 

Some beaches are known for having that city nightlife where we can party all the time. But at some point in our lives, we want to get to a beach where everyone can just relax and not be distracted by that loud city nightlife. The Bahamas is that spot where this beach is the exact definition of relaxing. The Bahamas is secluded on a separate island where the beaches are pristine with clear freshwater, warm sand, and a variety of exotic island beverages; the Bahamas is the spot to enjoy your time seclusion from the city. 


Relaxation on an exotic island

7. Punta Cana

Sometimes the best way to have an exciting feel while going on vacation is to get a taste of culture outside of the country. Punta Cana Beach in the Dominican Republic offers all types of beach vibes with a special taste of Spanish culture. This beach may be small but it offers so many activities that attract tourists from other countries from its captivating palm trees, delicious food, and live music that has Spanish rhythm. Punta Cana makes the perfect destination spot to get that cultural touch that we all need. 

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A Spanish vibe is good for every relaxation at the beach

8. The Jersey Shore

Ok now don’t get it twisted, the first things that come to our minds when we think of the Jersey Shore are Snooki and Jwwow. Sure the two of them may have made a solid reputation of exemplifying what the Jersey Shore looks like, but the beach itself is the main attraction. The Jersey Shore has over 127 miles of coastline. This makes it perfect for visitors to have beachfront picnics, enjoy playing volleyball and visit all the best surf spots. Don’t believe what you always see on TV. Instead, try getting the best feel of the beach yourself by exploring all the best spots. 

Relaxation is meant to be discovered, not viewed on TV


9. Mammee Bay Beach

Just off the coast of Jamaica, Mammee Bay is the top choice for beach seekers who adore the Jamaica environment. This beach is made for more than just lounging and tanning, the water is is both warm during the day making it impossible for you to not want to get out. The view is soo spectacular, at night everyone likes to gather around at cabañas to roast marshmallows, have drinks, and dance all night to some nice Caribbean music. Mammee Beach is definitely for those who seek adventure and making wonderful memories. 

Relaxation in the Caribbean's

10. Plage des Mamelles

With shinning golden sand making up a majority of the Atlantic coastline, Senegal is a beach lover’s dream vacation. Plage des Mamelles is a stunning beach area where its main draw is the collection of small beach bars that give off a distinctive feel. The combination of reggae vibes, ice-cold cocktails, and a chill environment under the cliffs make it the perfect combination of just wanting to have a nice relaxing time. 


Relaxation for the best Reggae feel

Do you ever want to get the opportunity to visit these breathtaking beaches? Let  me know in the comments which of these beaches you like the most.