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10 Best Artist Who Made the Best Impact in 2021

So far, the music industry has been making the biggest sales in streams and marketing. From album releases and number one tracks, it is no surprise that there is a certain artist who is still making a huge hit for themselves after several years.

The real question is, who’s making the biggest impact in this generation of music?

1. Drake

It is no surprise that for the past decade, the Canadian rapper has lived up to his reputation of making number one selling tracks in music. 

Drake’s newest album Certified Lover Boy which was released this September has not only broken the record chart making it the number one album on the music billboard, but it has also reached  popularity equivalent to Michael Jackson’s famed Tiller track which has gone platinum 34 times. At this point, nothing is stopping Mr. OVO from getting to the top in making the biggest record sales.

2. Coi Leray

Reaching most kids today, Coi Leray is one of the most unique rappers seeing herself more as an artist than just a typical rapper. 

Her number one track “No more Parties” caused her to blow up collaborating with other artists from Lil Durk and Pooh Shiesty to the point where she is now performing for major music events such as rolling loud and Lollapalooza.

3. NLE Choppa

At just the young age of 18, NLE Choppa is building up himself as not only the biggest trendsetter in the music industry, but one of the youngest and richest rappers there is. 

NLE Choppa recently made a shocking live performance in the country of Kyiv, Russia. The performance was so amazing, it earned him a spot on the top ten music billboard for being one of the youngest artists to make a music impact in a foreign country.

4. Brent Faiyaz

Hip Hop and RnB have always been potent music combinations. But when used simultaneously, Brent Faiyaz is revamping the idea of what it means to be an aesthetic hip-hip and RnB artist in today’s generation. 

Sense 2017, Brent Faiyaz has been laying out albums on the table, but after he gained a feature on Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” album, his artistic and musical use has quickly put him on top of the music industry. If anything, Brent Faiyaz represents the idea of what it means for a man to keep in touch with that poetic tone of singing.

5. Jack Harlow

It is no surprise that for years, we have had other musicians who come from different races represent the rap industry. Jake Harlow has recently earned a reputation as being called the new Eminem.


Jake Harlow’s Track ” What Poppin” not only made him go viral all over social media but gained him respect to representing himself at special events like the BET award shows while standing out on what it means to represent himself as an artist while coming from a different background.

6. Kodak Black

Kodak Black is no stranger when it comes to real southern trap-style rap. But after being in jail for a long time, everyone kind of forgot how he made such a huge impact in the music industry. But after getting released, his flow has finally returned to selling number one tracks. 

Following his release from jail, Kodak meet up with artist Rod Wave where they released their newest track “Before I Go” where the song, Kodak talks about what was going on in his mind and what he had to endure leaving his kids behind to go to jail.

7. Doja Cat

Doja Cat if you ask me is one of those rare artists who love following that classic 90s retro style following a hipster gothic tone. Her type of lifestyle also follows the way she puts her feelings into her music as well. 

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Back in the spring, Doja Cat made a hit for herself on social media when she dropped her latest track ” streets” where this song started the newest TikTok and Instagram trend the Silhouette challenge where the tone of the song focuses on the sensuality movement of a woman’s body.

8. Aaliyah

I know what you are thinking, how could Aaliyah have made a huge music impact in this year’s music generation when she died twenty years ago. Simple, her body may have left this world, but her spiritual essence in her music will forever remain legendary. 

Aaliyah melted the hearts with her iconic track “Rock the boat and One in a Million”, but ever since she died, her music was not available for streaming. However, Rolling stone magazine finally decided that as of 2021 her number one album and music will be available on all online streaming platforms as well as having her name inducted into the songwriter’s hall of fame.

9. Lil Nas X

When it comes to being an artist who can stand out against society’s stereotypical social norms, Lil Nas X is no stranger to this lifestyle. From being a soiled representation of what it means to be LGBTQ+ to capturing attention at the Met Gala fashion show, Lil Nas X is not your typical artist. 

His most recent track “Industry Baby” focuses on Nas flexing about his fame while dealing with discrimination from critics regarding his ideas on his sexual preferences and religious beliefs.

10. Imsofaygo

One of the biggest trends in the rapping community is that we no longer feel as if we have to follow this long idea of looking like a hood thug. Imsofaygo one of the newest up incoming rappers represents this new look of being what is known as an emo rapper. 

Imsofaygo has risen to fame when he posted his newest track “Knock Knock” on YouTube and Spotify where this song Imsofaygo does his best to alert the rap industry of his inevitable takeover by detailing his rich lifestyle. I feel this new look is exactly what the rap industry needs to reach more of a younger audience to get more streams and attention.

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