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10 Best Actors of All Time

For a long time, the entertainment industry has been making millions off of the dedicated and talented acting skills of some of the best actors in the world. Here are 10 of the best actors who have made a huge significance in the movie and television industry. 

1. Johnny Depp

Some might only know him as the infamous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. Turns out, Johnny Depp goes more into his acting career than being just a pirate. For nearly 30 years, Johnny Depp has made a huge role in the movie industry starring in films related to comedy, action, suspense, horror, and drama. Whatever type of movie genre it is, Johnny Depp can do it without any problem. Also, it is not just his movie career that made Johnny Depp successful. Johnny Depp has a passion for being a musician where he has his rock band called the Hollywood Vampires where he has had made successful hits and had features from some of the best artists like Marilyn Manson. 

2. Michael Jackson

It was considered rare if Michael Jackson would appear in any movies because, at the time, no movie production could afford him being the biggest star in the world. Michael did believe that you should not limit your talent to just one form of entertainment. In 1997, Michael Jackson decided to come up with his short movie called Ghosts where this film  incorporates the styles of acting, singing, and dancing into one skit. A true actor thinks more about one form of entertainment.

3. Helle Berry

If there was an acting version of Beyoncé, Halle Berry would take first prize. It is no surprise that for several years, Halle Berry has been stacking awards after awards for her amazing acting skills. But what makes her so amazing is that the roles that she plays defy what it means to be placed in stereotypical. I mean think about it, how often do you see a black woman who can do an amazing job as playing a Marvel superhero or the sleek cat bulgur Catwoman? When it comes to serious acting, Halle Berry lets her Blackgirl magic shine. 

4. Dave Batista

From laying the smackdown in wrestling to acting on the big screen Dave Batista makes being the top best athlete and actor look soo easy. Dave Batista made it big for himself with his career in professional wrestling, and later on, he decided to take his skills to act. He made his acting debut in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and from there on he has had many other successful movie roles in other films portraying him as the best actor and fighter. Don’t be fooled by his profession, Dave may not be that much of a wrestler anymore, but it would not be wise to challenge him to a fight. There is a reason why he is still called the “Animal”.

5. Hugh Jackman

As actors, there is always that one role where an actor did the most in portraying that character, where that’s only who they are recognized for. Hugh Jackman has landed successful movie roles throughout his acting career, but his biggest one was playing the role of the Wolverine in the X-Men film franchise. This role required Hugh Jackman to be at his most top physical peak playing the role of a steel claw-wielding killing machine, and because of that, Hugh Jackman’s role as the Wolverine made Marvel movie sales skyrocket at the box office.

6. Sylvester Stallone

Otherwise known as the “Italian Stallion”, Sylvester Stallone has been a Hollywood movie symbol for over 50 years with iconic roles as the world’s greatest heavyweight boxer in the Rocky series, leading a group of ruthless mercenaries in the Expendables trilogy or being the bloodthirsty war veteran Rambo. Sylvester Stallone is probably one of the most original actors of the time who explains that acting is more than just a way to become rich and famous, it is about a form of self-expression. 

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7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

If Sylvester had that one acting rival/friend, it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger. This man has been around just as long as Sylvester and has been making famous iconic roles that Hollywood has named national treasures. From Predator, Total Recall, and of course the legendary killing machine The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger is no doubt a movie legend. What is also unique about Arnold is that he is both an activist in bodybuilding and for his home country of Austria where he discusses what it is like coming to America having nothing but making a name for yourself.

8. Morgan Freeman

One of the biggest questions that are asked about Morgan Freeman is, how old is he? Because you can tell from his movie career, this man does not age. From the time that I remember him, Morgan Freeman has always had that iconic role as being this independent and wise old man figure that everyone can go to for help. I can’t think of a more sophisticated and influential figure to the Hollywood movie company than Morgan Freeman.

9. Denzel Washington

Known for a majority of action screen and stage plays, Denzel Washington is described as a person who changed the concept of classic movies. It is clearly shown considering that he is the first African American male who received two golden globe awards, two academy awards, and  one Tony award. But what is great about Denzel Washington is that he never fails when it comes to being a supportive father figure for all his kids. He makes sure to give the supportive role of tough love to all his kids preparing them for the real world. 

10. Will Smith

Will Smith is probably that one actor who can never just pick one roll to stick with. From being a sharp detective, a rich kid but with that street attitude or a father figure, Will Smith is all about proving that your role in acting should not just be set on one time of skill. If anything, playing difficult and different characters brings out the best actor in you.

Being an actor is more than just showing up to set saying some words and going home. You got to have discipline, drive, and a good source of motivation to get your name out there. Who is your favorite actor?  Let me know in the comments below.

Marcellus Johnson

"The imagination is precious. Don't lose it. Don't lose the child in you" Marilyn Manson

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