10 Benefits of Self Meditation

Some people may see the use of meditation as that cliché way of just saying ummmmm with your feet crossed which makes you look silly. When it is a type of mind-body medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years. Here are 10 health benefits that have a good impact on the body when practicing meditation. 

1. Reduces blood pressure and Stress

As busy working adults, we have no choice but to constantly hustle and grind throughout the week. As important as this sounds, working yourself almost every day can be very stressful for both your mind and body. Meditation offers techniques to help lower one’s blood pressure and stress levels. When meditating, your blood pressure and stress are reduced from the right body positions and correct breathing techniques. 

Relaxation is what the mind needs


2. Reduce alcoholism

Resisting the urge to constantly drink every day can be a very serious issue for all of us and sometimes therapy is not always enough. So how does meditation reduce your urge to constantly need to drink? Simple, alcoholism-related to your stress, so the less stress that you have means the less chance you are a vulnerable target for addiction. In addition, practicing mediation helps sharpen our attention span which helps in dodging various cravings. 

Always choose relaxation over alcohol

3. Helps cope with being lonely 

The feeling of being lonely usually starts around the time we are very young. If anything, this would be the perfect reason to start practicing meditation at a very young age. Studies have shown that young people suffer from a form of loneliness due to the fear of getting rejected which negatively impacts their self-esteem. These young adults were instructed to practice meditation for 30 minutes a day twice a week, and the average survey results showed lower levels of stress. Remember, you are never alone when dealing with the feeling of being alone.


Relaxation never makes you feel lonely

4. Helps you fight violent aggression 

Sometimes our stress can be soo bad that it gets to the point where we just want to lash out and through fits of rage. I understand the feeling but trust me anger is never the answer. Mediation can assist in helping you improve your vigilance, and improve your awareness of maintaining better self-control. Results have shown that mediation eases your violent impulses and replaces them with acts of kindness and having a passive genuine attitude. Violence is never the answer to anything, it will only make issues worst.

Relaxation is the best way to fight anger

5. Meditation increases your life span

It has been proven that mediation can help you live longer than the average life span.  Through multiple experiments, mediation has been shown to increase our DNA structure from weakening and protecting our cell makeup. As we all age over time, our DNA and bone structure begins to wear down and lose the ability to replicate. As this happens, our bodies also weaken and age at a fast rate. Mediation increases the length of our lives and protects the length of our DNA structure. If anything, it makes it twice as stronger compared to before practicing meditation. 


Relaxation through mediation will let you live longer to enjoy more thrills

6. Sharpens your ability to stay focused

A lot of people have discovered that they can ascertain more information when practicing meditation. Studies have shown a change in brain patterns, which can lead to increasing better performance in the brain. Meditating helps in clearing the mind from unnecessary thoughts and having more stability with your thoughts and their minds did not stray away. Being able to keep a clear mind can be very useful in the fields of in-depth studying for the college curriculum or working for an executive business. 

The right amount of relaxation can help you stay focused


7. Improves our physical strength 

Everyone knows that the best way to keep your body in shape is through rigorous routines of exercise involving cardio, weight, and resistance training. But did you know that meditation is just as important when it comes to staying in shape? When you meditate, you should do it right after exercising because you have already loosened up all your muscles and when meditating, your brain wave patterns become more soothing and calm. A calm and relaxed mind is the key to unlocking your hidden potential of improving your physical strength keeping your body toned all the time. 

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Relaxation is easy with a strong exercise mentality


8. Lowers Depression

Depression is probably that one issue that can affect us all in different ways whether it’s issues related to families, finances, or relationship drama. As depressing as this feeling can be, mediation is the best medicine for this emotional feeling. Keeping your mind free of depression through mediation works in freeing you from worrying about issues that do more harm than good. Once you can rid your mind from unnecessary distractions, it will be your confidence that takes over your depression leaving you free to do anything you put your mind to without having any negative doubts of self depression interfering. The right amount of relaxation can take away all your depression

9. Can generate kindness towards people

Other types of meditation can increase more of a positive feeling towards yourself and other people. For example, one type of meditation style called “Mette” is known as the loving-kindness form of meditation and is responsible for creating kind thoughts and positive vibes towards people. Study’s have shown that people have learned to extend their forms of kindness and happiness from friends, family, and other acquaintances. The more people practiced this form of mediation every week, the more positive energy they gave and received. 

Relaxation can build better bonds with friends


10. Improves your sleep pattern

Most people will suffer from sleep disorders not allowing our body’s to get all the rest that we need. Study’s have shown that people who meditate stay asleep much longer and have reduced their sleep disorders. Meditation can help you control your thought from running wild at night and release any tension placing your mind in a peaceful state which will help you fall asleep more. 

Relaxation boosts your sleep patterns which is what the body needs  

The practice of meditation is increasing fast as more people discover that it has many forms of healthy benefits. If you have any other positive experiences from practicing yoga, please let me know in the comments section.