10 Beauty Products You Need To Try ASAP

Finding beauty products we literally cannot get enough of is nothing shy of a miracle, especially when there are millions to choose from and endless amounts of mixed reviews. Where do you possibly begin? Right here, of course! Say ‘goodbye’ to constant unsuccessful experimentation and say ‘hello’ to your new favorite essentials! They’ll make your beauty routine anything BUT routine. You might even shed a tear when you run out of them. Please, take all my money!

1. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

My lips don’t lie when I say this is the best, brightest long-wear lipstick that’s ever touched the earth. The formula feels like velvet, doesn’t taste funky, and stays on ALL. DAY. LONG. This beauty hydrates, feels lightweight, doesn’t stain, and it will last you ages. (Unless you just can’t get enough!) 20 brilliant shades (matte & shimmer finishes) enriched with vitamin E & avocado oil? I don’t blame you for wanting one of each!



2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Now, I don’t by any means wear eyeshadow regularly, so when I say I like an eyeshadow [palette] enough to wear it more than once a week, it’s got to be pretty darn magical — the pigment is unbelievable! As it should be. Modern Renaissance can generally be considered a neutral palette (including mattes and metallics), which makes it practical for daily use, but Anastasia makes sure to include regal, brazen colors for a statement eye that sets itself apart from the rest. SO many color combo possibilities! (Love Letter and Venetian Red are gorgeous).


3. (and 4.) Butter London Iconoclast and Lorac PRO+ Fiber Mascara

I cannot express enough how much of a lethal combination these mascaras are! Although I still adore my They’re Real! from Benefit, it is no longer my go-to mascara. My eyelashes’ best results were born the day I realized how compatible their brushes & formulas are — both are wet, buildable formulas, long-lasting and invincible when used together (although they are both pretty fantastic on their own).




How to get long, lush, lashes aplenty:

Step 1: Coat top lashes with Lorac’s PRO+ Fiber until desired length, separation, and definition reached.


TIP! Blink into the brush — it makes all the difference. My lashes are pretty sad on their own, but using Lorac’s PRO+ Fiber achieves the longest lashes I’ve ever had using mascara!

Step 2: Go back over with Butter London’s Iconoclast (on top lashes) to lock in curl and create volume while using the rounded end to catch the tiniest of lashes at the corners of your eyes.

Step 3: Lightly coat bottom lashes with Butter London (side-to-side motion), then proceed with Lorac brushing downwards 1-2 times.


5. Davines Sea Salt Spray

Everyone (with fine, straight hair) needs a good, trustworthy sea salt spray. But so many sea salt sprays leave your hair feeling sticky and sometimes in worse condition than before you used them. I have tried 4-5 myself (e.g. John Masters Organics) to no avail until very recently. In my July Birchbox, I was pleasantly surprised with a very large sample of Davines Sea Salt Spray which happens to be one of my absolute favorite salon brands. When I tried it for the first time, I fell in love instantly. It’s not at all sticky, smells wonderful, and leaves my hair shiny; not greasy! It’s also award winning, so if that alone doesn’t give this spray merit, I don’t know what will. Davines Sea Salt Spray is basically texturizing, tousling, liquid gold!


6. Avène Eau Thermale Spring Water

“Mist water? What’s so special about that? It’s a French name!?” Yes, that too. But wait, there’s more! Here is a rather impressive list of what this unassuming hero does (I give my word because, well, I use it every single day):


• hydrates • soothes redness • re-balances • calms sunburns, allergic reactions, eczema, and itching • toner • mid-day refresher • relieves stressed skin • sets makeup •


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7. Whish Body Butter

Another Birchbox phenom, this is hands down the smoothest, non-greasy-I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter body butter that puts all other body butters to shame. It’s the first body butter I’ve used (besides testers at stores) that’s actually worth any money. Otherwise, I don’t give body butters a passing thought and my trusty Jergens Original Cherry-Almond lotion would be all I need…Not anymore! Whish’s Body Butter — with antioxidants might I add — leaves my skin smelling lovely, feeling firmer, silkier, and revived all day long. It’s addictive! I actually had to cut back on how much I used at once so I didn’t run out too quickly. (The lavender is my favorite so far)!


8. Eylure Brow Luminizer Double Ended Highlighter Pencil

We’d all rather be late than on time with bad brows, right? But of course! There’s no better way to do your brows than by achieving that clean-lined look you see all over beauty bloggers’ Instagrams — for a fraction of the cost, too. With Eylure’s new brow luminizer duo, you have two finish options, matte (left) and pearl (right) depending on your #mood. Who doesn’t want to glow!? This pencil gives the perfect highlight to your arches and will make your brows, as well as passersby, say “Wow!”



9. LUSH Cosmetics Grease Lightning Tea Tree Cleanser

There is nothing more frustrating than painful blind pimples the size of planets that appear exactly when you least want them to. After trial and tribulation, I have finally discovered the supreme acne-vanishing spot cleanser! It only took 1-2 nights for my most embarrassing acne that’s been poked & prodded at to completely disappear using LUSH’s vegan Grease Lightning Tea Tree Cleanser. It’s fast-acting, smells glorious, and isn’t harsh in any sense of the word. It consists of a refreshing Aloe Vera gel infused with thyme, tea tree, rosemary, and grape juice to soothe the most irritated skin. Even if your skin is typically on the drier side, Grease Lightning will not exacerbate any dryness — from one combination normal/dry to another.



10. Blow Pro Faux Dry Shampoo & Conditioner

You may or may not be sick of your typical aerosol dry shampoo, although I do like Batiste’s and Dove’s a lot. But don’t you run out of them quickly? Here’s a powder alternative! Blow Pro’s Faux Dry Shampoo & Conditioner lasts for ages, smells fresh, and breathes new life into your hair for a soft, clean feel for several days. It’s made from a fine milled blend of micronized corn silk and proactive proteins directly at the roots and ends of your hair while nourishing and detangling knots. A little goes a very long way! If you haven’t tried it before, I guarantee you will fall in love with it. I mean, come on — it includes a dry conditioner! My oily hair doesn’t take daily conditioner use well, so the dry conditioner has been impressive and groundbreaking, really! The price probably seems steep for something that should be so practical, but it is worth every penny according to cost per wear and my personal experience. It’s great for every hair type and all sorts of bad hair days.


What are some other beauty products you’d recommend? Share in the comments!

Featured image source: lindsaymarcella.com