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10 Beauty Brands for Your Summer Routine

10 Beauty Brands for Your Summer Routine

Your ‘hot girl Summer’ has only just begun, and what follows are beauty brands fit for every step of your daily routine. 



The Ordinary



The Ordinary is a staple of my skincare collection, and their products are positively divine. Carried online, or at your local Sephora, the beauty brand’s plethora of options are both affordable (and effective) for every skin type. 

For acne prone skin, or even just to avoid the occasional breakout, I recommend their Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum. A little goes a long way, and a drop before heavier creams day and night saved my skin. 

For skin prone to redness, like my own, their Niacinamide serum is a godsend. Used sparingly, before moisturizing, the cream combats rosacea overnight. (Be warned! Your skin might look a little red after application–this is normal! In just a bit, your skin will feel clear and refreshed.) 


Their most popular product by far is their AHA 30% + BHA 2% exfoliating peeling solution, with the highest concentration of AHA available on the market. This mask purges dead skin and leaves your face feeling brand new. However– it can only be used once to twice a week, for ten minutes, and is known to combat dull, uneven skin. 


Dr Jart

Dr Jart is a new favorite of mine, and the brand’s collection has a moisturizer, serum, and mask for every skin type out there. 


I’m prone to severe redness, and have tried practically every product out there. None have worked as well as Dr Jart’s Tiger Grass collection, which includes a serum, treatment, and moisturizer. Their color-correcting formula is miraculous, eliminating redness on the spot. Their moisturizer, which I use nightly, leaves my skin feeling soft and soothed by morning. 

Their Cyro-Rubber masks are equipped with brightening Vitamin C, and their Pore-Remedy mud mask is perfect for fighting against visible pores and dull skin.

Plus, they carry sunscreen! (A must have for beauty brands.)




By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about Tatcha’s Water Cream moisturizer. It’s gone viral on tiktok for its amazing, hydrating  properties and nearly all of my friends are avid users. However, it’s not the only wonderful product offered by the brand. 

Their Dewy serum leaves skin feeling plump and refreshed; combating dryness. 


Their Rice Wash cleanser is ideal for clearing dirt from the pores and removing makeup residue before bed. 

You can find this beauty brand’s skincare starter packs at your local Sephora; complete sets for every step of your routine! 





Colourpop is my makeup pick of the season. 

Their Ultra Fine eyeliners come in every shade of the rainbow, and are both easy to apply and vivid in color. I use a different color daily, to keep my eye makeup look fun, unique, and bold. 

Their Colour Outside The Liner collection includes every shade of their alternative gel liners, and is currently on sale online! 


Their eye makeup palettes come in every shape, size, and style–however their individually packed Super Shock shadows have some of the best pigmentation out there–making your eyes really pop. 

Tiktok influencer Jasmine Chiswell just released a line with the beauty brand, and her Lippie Stick shades will make you feel like a glamorous movie star from an era past. 




Morphe has been popular for quite a bit of time, but it’s absolutely worth noting on this list. Their palettes are pigmented, relatively affordable; and there’s a range of options for every individual style. 

My favorite is the 35I Icy Fantasy palette, which has every pastel matte and glitter possible. It’s perfect for a night clubbing in NYC. Plus their MORPHE x LISA FRANK collab brings forth a nostalgic range of colors and products, all inspired by the brand that riddled many of our childhood closets. 

Lastly, their brushes are some of the best on the market–with a variety of contour, eye, blush, and powder sets available at your nearest Ulta! 



Profusion Makeup

To be honest, I came across this beauty brand at my local Walmart. The options were so good and so affordable, I had to share them with you all. 

Their 42 shade Kaleidoscope palette is 18 dollars, and has some of the best pigmentation I’ve ever seen plus amazing glitters perfect for finishing up your look. Online, they’re doing a collaboration with Mean Girls–which includes a “burn book” eyeshadow palette, matching mirror, and mini pink brushes. Whether you’re a Regina George, a Karen Smith, or maybe you “don’t even go here!”–there’s an option in the collection for all of you. 



DIOR cosmetics

DIOR cosmetics is worth a splurge, with an amazing array of foundations and concealers for every skin type.

Their DIOR Forever foundation is a classic, and they’ve recently added DIOR Forever Skin Glow as a new variety–made for sensitive/dry skin.


The new DIORSHOW mascara is modeled online by my favorite actress, Anya-Taylor Joy, and brings perfect length to your lashes. 

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Fenty is all the rage right now, and with good reason. They have a diverse shade range of foundations, with great coverage and long lasting efficacy. 

The Match Stix contour is a wonderful alternative to the typical powder form, and gives you model-esq cheek bones. 


The Pro Filt’r powder is perfect for setting and refreshing your look all day long. 

Plus Fenty’s has its own skincare line and a variety of perfumes. Who could ask for more of their beauty brands? 




Native Haircare

Native brand currently sells my favorite shampoo/conditioner combo–for an affordable price and a visible difference in your hair. Their Volumizing Cucumber/Mint duo leaves my hair smelling good and feeling great.


 Plus they sell an Almond and Shea Butter strengthening mask perfect for dull/bleached hair.


The Knot Dr


I own both a mini and full size Knot Dr brush, and the best part is—they work well with wet or dry hair. I found mine at a nearby Duane Reade–but have seen the brand carried at nearly every drugstore in the area. They even have brushes made for kids, athletes, and ones specifically for styling. Plus, they each come with their own protective case and have a plethora of patterns and colors to choose from. (There’s no reason to make haircare boring!) 

That concludes our Summer list of beauty brands! I hope you try at least one or two of the options above, and tell me what you think. (If there’s any beauty brands worth noting not liosted above—I have money I’m ready to burn.)