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10 Beautiful & Unique Colored Hair Ideas

Coloring or dying one’s hair is a popular trend for years, but more recently, during the pandemic, people have been changing their locks while in quarantine, and we have seen some lovely colors and styles! If you are looking to do something new with your hair, then look no further than our list of ten beautiful and unique colored hair ideas.

1. Purple Ombre

Purple is a popular color for people to dye their hair, but an ombre design makes it that much more beautiful. We often see a dark color with a luscious and vibrant purple from head-to-toe but tapers off on the ends into a gorgeous lavender. This would look beautiful whether your hair is down or pulled up into a ponytail. If you are looking to dye your hair at home, try the color L’Oreal Paris’ Féria Midnight Violet or Schwarzkopf’s Göt 2b Amethyst.

2. Pink Pastel Hair

Pink pastel hair was a super popular trend during the pandemic. So many celebrities have rocked this look, from Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner to Cara Delevingne. This hair color would look amazing on anybody, but I’d recommend it to those with darker skin. It’ll make the color pop! This color is easy to get if you have naturally light hair, but it’s not impossible if your hair is naturally dark–you’ll just have to bleach it.

3. Hidden Rainbow Hair

Hidden hair color is a common trend lately and is really beautiful. Once you lift the top layer of your hair, color or a rainbow of colors will be revealed. You can pull up your hair to a half-up, half-down style, or a ponytail and have the colors revealed. It is a cool style to have it peak out or be revealed when you want without being too shocking as an all-over color design in your hair.

4. Hints of Pastel Blue

Pastel blue, or any other pastel color for that matter, always looks gorgeous as a hair color. As seen in the picture below, it’s a great idea to start with a darker blue on the top and fade it into a lighter blue at the bottom. Dying your money pieces white or dark blue would also look really pretty, as doing something different with your money pieces is also super trendy right now.

5. Complimentary or Multicolored Strands

The picture below is a mix of color strands that complement each other. The base color appears to be a brown or chestnut shade, while the strands of colored hair are platinum blonde, purple, orange, or caramel. Since the hair is curled and has a wave to it, the colors mesh together nicely are a unique but gorgeous look. You can also apply this technique and style with other complementary colors. Try a pink, purple, and blue pastel or a platinum blonde, baby pink, and mint green. Whichever colors you choose, this is a fabulous technique to incorporate various colors without committing to just one color scheme.

6. Pastel Pink, Purple & Blue

The image below shows a pink and purple top layer of hair color while it bleeds and fades into a lovely pastel blue shade. The hair appears to be layered with some texture and slightly curled on the ends, making the pink and purple from the top marry with the pastel blue or blue jean color on the bottom half of the hair. It is a lovely mix of colors that can be achieved using the Garnier Blue Jean Dye and the Féria Amethyst and Fuschia box dye. Of course, I would always recommend going to a professional to have these looks achieved; it is quite common because of our circumstances to use dyes at home and experiment.

7. Red Ombre to Orange Ombre

Red is a common color for hair dye, but this style goes from a typical red color to a bright neon red and pink, then finally settles on an orange shade. The color gradation is beautiful and transitions seamlessly. The color choices are lovely and scream colors of Autumn or even Summer. I love how it looks and flows from one color to the other, and the red is a pretty shade that many can pull off. You can try the Féria Copper color to achieve an orangy shade for the bottom of your hair. Cherry Crush by Féria can be used for the top of the head, and to achieve the neon red or pink for the middle ground color, you can try bright red by L’Oreal Paris Colorista.

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8. Pastel Purple & Green

Pastel purple on the one side and pastel green on the other side is a super cute and trendy way to dye your hair two colors. The colors are beautiful and marry quite well. One is not overpowering the other color, and they are both complementary to one another. It is also nice how the brown shows through the colors at the roots and makes it a beautifully seamless transition between the colors.

9. Aqua & Pink

Aqua-colored hair with pink on end screams mermaid and Summertime.  The majority of the color is aquamarine color, but the pink on tips hair adds something extra to uniqueness.  When wearing this look, I imagine having a ponytail and having the ends stand out in this look. It is a great idea to try it for a summer look.

10. Green or Pastel Green Hair

There are several shades of green, and many of these have been seen on celebrities recently, such as Hilary Duff and Billie Eilish. Green is a fun and unique choice for color, and you can go as bright or dark as you like and still make it look amazing! Below is an image of a pastel green which would be great for the Springtime or Summertime. The color in the image below is a mint green shade and would look great on top of a darker color or as stripes of color in a brunette or blonde base hair color.

Choosing to change your hair color is a big decision, but it is an even bigger decision to choose a non-common or popular choice of color or colors. However, we absolutely love the fun colors and designs lately. If you love the hidden colors or the fun, bright color choices we found, be sure to share these beautiful and unique colored hair ideas with friends and family!

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