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10 Most Beautiful Places on Campus

10 Most Beautiful Places on Campus

Connecticut College is known for its strong academics and small, New England vibe. In 2014, Connecticut College even made the Top 100 list for Most Beautiful Campus in America by BestCollegeReviews. Read on for examples of 10 most beautiful places on campus.

1. The Arboretum

Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of campus life? Relax and listen to the sounds of nature in the Arbo.

2. Harkness Chapel

Another great place to sit and embrace the quietness. Harkness Chapel has beautiful architecture and stained-glass artwork.

Gorgeous day on #ChapelGreen! #HarknessChapel #conn #conncoll

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3. Earth House

One of Conn’s best kept secrets. The artwork in Earth House is amazing, and it was all done by students! If you are environmentally-conscious, you may want to apply to live here.

earth home

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4. Admissions Building

A simply beautiful building that is a campus hallmark.

Conncoll admissions office and the scene of my first big fistfight with the purple dildo bro #conncoll

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5. Mamacoke Island

Tucked away near the Thames, Mamacoke is the perfect spot for a secluded walk, and the interesting topography holds many surprises!

6. Lyman Allyn Art Museum

Many students aren’t aware that we have an art museum right here on campus! Take the walk past South Lot to see some great work in a beautiful building.

7. Tree Outside Branford in the Fall

Every student knows what tree this is. For some reason, the extravagant colors come back year after year, without fail.

Being original with the foliage pix I know.

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8. Tempel Green

The perfect place to hang out and relax during warmer months, or to build an igloo during winter.

Stopped by the green for the first time since graduating. What a trip.

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9. The Stairs to Fanning

Don’t make the mistake of trudging up these steps to get in the building: they are simply for your viewing pleasure.

My campus is so beautiful 😩😩😩#nofilter #conncoll #finals #may2015

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10. The Greenhouse

Often overlooked, the Connecticut College greenhouse is a room of lush growth and warmth, even during the cold and dark winter months.

Enjoy 10 Most Beautiful Places on Campus? What is your go-to spot on campus? Share in the comments section below!

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