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10 Beach Day Struggles We Can All Relate To

After months of tedious classes and cold weather, the summer is finally among us…offering the opportunity for that long awaited trip to the beach. However, as any beach goer knows to be true, days lounging ocean-side aren’t always exactly what they’re cracked up to be. Here are 10 beach day struggles we can ALL relate to.


1. Fighting seagulls for precious beach space.

These beach loving birds are never pleasant. They squawk and flap above your head. If you have the courage to eat food on the beach, you better be prepared to ward sea gulls off or else they’ll swoop down and steal it from you. I’m also not particularly happy about the fact that I was defecated on three times last summer.

2. Trying to keep that grainy sand on the beach…and not back at home with you.

Sand can be a great tool if you’re trying to build a sand castle or if you want to get back at a sibling for splashing you earlier. However, sand is also unfortunate because it’s so tiny. If you decide to wear sunscreen on the beach (like you should) and happen to touch some sand…BAM. Sand is now glued to you. One of the worst things ever is getting sand stuck in the cracks of sunglasses because it’s so difficult to remove. Let’s also not forget how there’s always mountains of sand collected in your bathing suit at the end of a nice beach day.

3. Praying for sun, then cursing it when everything is scorching.

We all hope and pray for hot weather at the beach. When it’s too hot for an extended period of time, though, that heat becomes an issue. Trying to walk across the sand is like walking on fire. It’s impossible to tan without sweating buckets. And if you dare to touch anything metal, you’re sure to get an actual burn.



4. Longing for the ocean and then recoiling at its nastiness.

Somehow, there always seems to be objects in the ocean. It’s creepy and gross when you get tickled by a floating plastic bag. And it’s definitely embarrassing when you get tangled up in bramble and seaweed.

5. And fearing for your life thanks to the abundant marine life.

You always have to be on the lookout for jellyfish so that you don’t get stung. But it’s difficult to avoid crabs, especially if the water is murky. And when they pinch, gosh, it really hurts! Yet, I’d take a crab pinch any day over facing off with a shark. Though very few of us have had to deal with that, occasional shark alerts and lifeguard warnings have caused us to leave the ocean for safety reasons.

6. Wishing everyone would just give you your peace and quiet.

My idea of a beautiful, relaxing beach day involves laying down and listening to the waves crash ashore. Sadly, whenever I have a beach day, there’s always children screaming at the top of their lungs. Things can get even worse when a large group of twenty-somethings decide to sit down next to you, blast their trashy music, and drink enormous amounts of alcohol.

7. Watching the sun hide its beautiful face behind the clouds.

A gentle breeze is always soothing, but when the wind really picks up, your beach day can take a turn for the worst. Beach umbrellas quickly turn into projectiles. Getting sand thrown into your eyes is also never enjoyable. The second that I feel rain, I get the heck off of the beach.

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8. And observing the ocean as it takes an angry turn.

Some days, you might notice that the waves are rougher than usual. Boogie boarders and surfers may love this, and it’s all fun and games…until you get smacked down by a wave. Be careful not to lose your bathing suit!

9. Trying to get comfy in the sand (not possible).

Yes, I’m talking about the sand again. When the beach is lumpy, it’s difficult to get comfortable while resting on a beach blanket. Pointy shells on the ocean floor are aggravating. But what’s even worse than that? GAPING HOLES. I swear, people should get fined for neglecting to fill in areas that they dig up.

10. Fending off all those conflicting smells.

From sauerkraut on hot dogs to cigarette smoke, your beach day can turn into a home for quite the concoction of disagreeable scents. Thankfully, as of April 4th, 2016, many beaches have become smoke-free or smoke-restricted. So feel free to tattle tale on all of those rule breakers.
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