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10 Awesomely Unique Things About CMC

10 Awesomely Unique Things About CMC

There are so many reasons why I am excited to go to CMC, but mostly for these 10 unique things CMC has to offer! Keep reading for 10 awesomely unique things about CMC!

1. We have Wilderness Orientation Adventure trips!

The way Claremont McKenna welcomes freshmen to campus is super unique: with the Wilderness Orientation Adventure trips! I’m so excited to meet people that I might not through classes or clubs. Some alumni that I’ve talked to even met their best friends on their WOA trips! It will be a really fun way to be introduced to the school.



2. We have 11 research institutes specifically for undergraduate students.

Outside of classes and clubs, CMC also has 11 research institutes specifically for undergraduate students to do research in fields that interest them. The institutes are super diverse as well. Their topics range from human rights to financial economics, leadership, and environmental studies.

3. CMC’s rigorous and highly acclaimed courses.

The academics are generally what draws people to CMC, but if you didn’t know, Claremont offers rigorous and highly acclaimed courses. I am specifically excited because CMC is known for being strong in majors like economics, government, international relations, and other social science and humanities majors.


4. CMC understands the work hard, play hard dynamic.

CMC epitomizes the work hard, play hard dynamic. Not only are there guaranteed to be fun dorm parties all over campus, the small student body nearly guarantees that you will know people at those parties, which makes it that much more fun! Also, the school throws a number of parties for the students over the course of the year with events like the wedding party and the pirate party.


5. We have the Athenaeum where guest speakers come to speak to the student body.

One of CMC’s true gems is the Athenaeum, where guest speakers come to speak to the student body in a formal setting. This is an amazing opportunity for any students looking for intellectual engagement outside of class or just a change of pace. Anyone from the 5C’s is welcome, but CMCers do get first dibs on seats.


6. CMC’s athletics & the Sage Hen Rivalry.

Athletics are also important to CMC life, even though we’re not D1. And even if you don’t play a varsity sport, you can still get involved, whether that’s as a spectator (there have to be plenty of Puck Pomona shirts at the grudge match!) or in an intramural sport or PE class.



7. CMC has 7 dining halls and its own app!

The food at CMC’s dining hall, Collins, is great, but if you’re not excited about what they happen to be serving that day, just look to the consortium! Among the 5C’s there are 7 dining halls: Frank, Frary, and Oldenborg are at Pomona, and CMC, Scripps, Pitzer, and Mudd each have their own. There’s even an iPhone app so you can check out what eat is offering!

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8. The convenient proximity to L.A.

Although Claremont Mckenna isn’t in the heart of LA, the big city life is closer than you might think. Plenty of students choose to do internships there or even work in LA over the summer. LA also offers tons of concerts, the beach, and a weekend destination if you need a break from Camp Claremont.



9. Claremont’s campus is particularly beautiful.

Claremont’s campus, though not the grandest or most ostentatious, is beautiful, and somewhere that I can actually envision living for 4 years. It’s perfect for a modern liberal arts school, and for a little variety, you can always jaunt over to one of the other 5C’s. Scripps and Pomona have particularly beautiful campuses.


10. The Consortium that enables joint sports teams and larger, more diverse clubs.

Arguably, CMC’s most valuable asset is actually outside of CMC. The consortium includes 7 schools, 5 undergrad (Pomona, Pitzer, Claremont McKenna, Scripps, and Harvey Mudd) and 2 graduate schools (Claremont Graduate University and Keck Graduate Institute). Having the other colleges there means 5C clubs that are bigger and more diverse than they would be without the consortium, and joint sports teams between Pomona Pitzer and CMC, Scripps, and Harvey Mudd.


What are some other things that are unique about CMC? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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