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10 Awesome Courses at Temple You Didn’t Know Existed

10 Awesome Courses at Temple You Didn’t Know Existed

10 Awesome Courses at Temple You Didn’t Know Existed

Temple University is an extremely diverse campus; with that said, the school does everything it can to appeal to the wide range of interests. Temple offers courses many areas and is home to hundreds of programs and schools. Of course, all Temple students know they have a lot of courses to choose from, but there are still a bunch of unique courses that most students have not yet discovered. Keep reading for 10 awesome Temple courses you didn’t know about!

1. Introduction to Ceramics

CRFT 2152

For all those non-Art majors who still love to experiment, have a passion for art, or need to complete an Arts Gen Ed, this is a great hands-on option!

2. Introduction to Glass

CRFT 2259

Another Art course option for Non-Tyler students! There are three other choices for art courses, which include Fibers, CAD, and, Jewelry.



3. Representing Race

ASST 0834

There are two versions of this class taught by different professors- from what I know, there are both African and Asian perspective options (I took the Asian course). Something that makes these courses particularly special is that the material is based off graphic novels. However, do know that these classes are somewhat intense, but will definitely broaden your global awareness. They fulfill the Race and Diversity Gen Ed.

4. Exploring the Cosmos

PHYS 0834

Although I haven’t taken this course, I have heard from others that it is really interesting and a great pick for a Science Gen Ed. You won’t need to get into the whole deep sciencey aspect, since it’s meant to be a course that everyone can get involved in and understand. This course is also an option if you choose to study abroad.


5. Jazz Century in America

DANC 0806

This is a class that studies Jazz, Blues, Hip hop, and Swing from the 20th century. You will learn about theory in this course, but for the most part it’s based on movement and dance. For those of you who enjoy dancing, this is the perfect option. Similarly, there are couple of other dance related courses, which you can explore on the Temple Bulletin. These dance courses will complete your Arts Gen Ed.

6. Dramatic Imagination

THTR 0805

Those of you who are curious about the dramatic/theatric world, this is an appropriate course. Get to know the local and global background of theater. There are several other theater options apart from this course such as World Performances and Race on Stage. These will cover either the Arts, Race and Diversity, or World Society Gen Eds.

7. Ethical Issues in Biomedical Science

BIO 0865

The purpose of this course is to question and reason the role of biotechnology and biomedicine in our lives. It a course that’s suitable to prepare you for a good debate, since you’ll learn the arguments for different platforms and sides. This course can be used to fulfill the Science Gen Ed.


8. Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Law

LGLS 0805

This course studies the relatioships between law, sexuality, and gender by understanding the social perspectives of these subjects. It deeply looks into psychology, sexual orientation law, and gender identity in terms of the community and individual thought processes. This course completes the Human Behavior Gen Ed.

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9. The Future of Your TV

MSP 0821

Interested in knowing about the fate of the television and the introduction to similar platforms? This is a great course for that! Learn about TV, blogs, and media including websites like Youtube. This course can taken as an Arts Gen Ed.

10. Language in Society

CSCD 0815

Learn about the origin of language, the importance of language in societies, the number of languages that exist today, and much more! This courses counts toward the Human Behavior Gen Ed.

To discover more courses and classes, check out the Temple Bulletin here.

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