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10 Awesome Electronics You Basically Can’t Live Without

10 Awesome Electronics You Basically Can’t Live Without

Just when you thought you had it all…here are 10 awesome electronics you probably can’t live without. (Or at least won’t want to.)

1. A DIY smart phone…kind of.

Okay, DIY in a sense. This ultra thin smartphone is fully customizable, meaning you get to choose from an array of features, including the front and body colors, the storage amounts and a few extra special additions (…check out #2 and #3 on this list).


2. An instant projector to show off your latest selfies.

With this awesome device, you can turn your smartphone into a projector in a snap…literally. The incredibly thin projector pops right onto your device and instantly turns any flat surface into a 70″ big screen…talk about the ultimate Netflix and chill sesh.

3. A snap on speaker for that spur of the moment dorm party.

This bad boy is almost as thin as the Moto Z phone mentioned earlier, and it sleekly snaps onto the back of the droid itself, camouflaging into one slender device. No syncing or pairing necessary for a powerful stereo sound, just clip it on and listen ’til your hearts content. OH, it includes its own battery too, so you don’t have to worry about it draining your phone’s.

4. A Smart Watch…with style

I was never really into the whole smart watch thing…until I came across these gorgeous gems. Polished, fashionable, and not at all bulky – these smart watches were designed to perfection. If the stunning aesthetics don’t pull you alone, maybe the fact that it’s a smart watch (AKA basically your phone in watch form) will.


5. A USB to give your phone never ending storage.

For those of you have an iPhone that is. The iBridge clips onto your iPhone or iPad when you run out of memory and basically sucks all the photos and files out of your phone and into the tiny device. That’s right, those days of “your storage is full” warnings are over.

6. A hands free speaker that you control with your voice.

Seriously. Play music, get information, news, sports scores, weather, etc. All you have to do is ask.


7. Headphones you can sleep in, comfortably.

Block out your roomie’s snores, listen to some soothing jams, and fall asleep without feeling like a rock is nudging its way into your brain.

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8. A wearable mouse. You know, for your laptop.

Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.


9. A customizable marquee light box.

Sure, this might not be one of those awesome electronics that you absolutely “need,” but it makes for some pretty sweet decoration.

10. A microwavable notebook. Wait…what?

Hear me out. This notebook instantly transports anything you jot down straight into your smartphone. And once you’ve filled up the notebook with all those brilliant thoughts running through your heard, pop the notebook into the microwave and it erases back to new. Weird? Yes. Awesome? Incredibly.


Know of any other awesome electronics we should know about? Share in the comments!

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