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10 Awesome Courses At Syracuse You Didn’t Know Existed

10 Awesome Courses At Syracuse You Didn’t Know Existed

If you go to Cuse and you're looking for some easy calsses at Syracuse, these are awseome Syracuse courses you can take that you didn't know existed!

Many colleges have classes that are not just for the credit, but for the extremely interesting topics! At Syracuse University, we have classes that are worth your time, plus a great conversation starter when you take about school! Take note of these Syracuse courses and maybe think about taking them because you only have four years of college, so why not make the most of it?! (These are not in any particular order.)

1. FST 422 – Wine and Beer Appreciation

This class is obviously only for Syracuse students who are 21 years old and up, but it is a well known class among those who are of age and also for those are aren’t of age. In this class, you get to learn about the different types of wine and beer, specifically how to taste them and judge the quality of the drink. Wine has been a way of showing class and learning about the different variety of alcohol will be helpful in the future as we grow into the world of social networking.

2. PED 214 – Snorkeling

Who knew there was a class on snorkeling?!?! I think the title of this class says enough. As long as you are intermediate in swimming, this class is for you! Learn to use masks, snorkel, and fins, and soon enough, you will be in the middle of an island, swimming with turtles!



3. PED 223 – Underwater Photography

Another physical education class, but underwater photography?! Some certifications are required, but learning to take amazing photos underwater is so worth it. This is one great class to put on your transcript and also a great experience/talent!



4. SOC 425 – Feminist Organizations

There are many organizations out there supporting feminism and in this class, you learn to analyze the works of these organizations. Equal right is what people are constantly fighting for right now, so it will be a great class to increase your knowledge on social changes through studying feminist organizations.



5. CRS 425 – Lust, Love and Relationships

Love is everywhere- everywhere you look, and everywhere you go. The relationships that we have with people is a huge factor in who we are today. Studying about why we feel attraction and why we feel certain ways can help us with our own relationships with people and also with ourselves. A lot of psychology is involved in this and maybe the more we learn about love, the more we will be able to express it.

6. FST 201 – Professional Baking

Who doesn’t love cake, cupcakes, and cookies? Learning to professionally bake is an awesome skill to have, especially if you love desserts. There is so much joy in baking and it is another ‘grate’ topic to discuss with friends.



7. HEA 228 – Advanced First Aid and CPR/AED

It is so important to have basic first aid skills because you never know what you will run into in life. You will learn to control bleeding, manage shock, CPR, and a lot more skills to save someone’s life in an emergency. There will be no ‘what if’ questions if you have this in your list of know-hows.


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8. SPM 199 – The Super Bowl: Sport, Culture and Entertainment

America’s most loved championship game is studied here at Syracuse University. There is a reason why people love the Super Bowl and so much history is involved in this game. For all of the football lovers at Syracuse, this class is for you!


9. HOM 374 – The Beatles and British Culture

Fan of the Beatles? Take a class about them! The Beatles were and still are a huge part of British music and influenced a lot of artists out there today. Everyone knows that they sang ‘All You Need is Love’ but you will know the history of their songwriting. Here I come Beatles!



10. HTW 405 – Cognitive Behavioral Approaches to Stress Reduction

College is stressful. Studying is stressful. There is so much stress while attending college. What you didn’t know is that there is a class to help you during those stressful times. Becoming more informed about stress is going to help you during stressful times and also will help those around you who are stressed. Be your own kind of therapy.



Have any other Syracuse courses to recommend? Feel free to comment them below and share the article!
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