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10 Awesome SJU Courses You Didn’t Know You Could Take

10 Awesome SJU Courses You Didn’t Know You Could Take

Are you looking for easy courses at Rochester Institute of Technology that will help give you a GPA boost? There are plenty of fun and easy courses!

St. John’s University has over 15,000 students and over 100 different majors, so you can only imagine how many different SJU courses are taught at our school. Sure- sometimes we get stuck taking those awful core classes that we have very little to no interest in, but there are actually a lot of pretty interesting courses that would be awesome to use as an elective, or even a possible minor? Keep reading for 10 awesome SJU courses you should look into.

1. ENG 1031- The Lit: Lord of the Rings To Harry Potter & Sci Fi: Star Trek To Star Wars

The English department is by far one of the most innovative when it comes to class subjects at SJU. It’s pretty obvious that if you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Trek or Star Wars that there’s no question this class was made for you.

2. ART 1090- Jewelry Design

This might have been a fun side hobby of yours in elementary or middle school, but the art department isn’t kidding around, they want to teach you how to design and make real jewelry. This could be an awesome class to just have creativity flow and in the end, create a beautiful product.



3. FAS 1015- Intro to Fashion/Lifestyle Brand

A new class to have recently been brought to SJU and I can already predict it will be a popular one. There is no longer only a fashion focused DNY course! In fact, Fashion Studies is now a minor at SJU.

4. ICM 811- Media, Culture & Society

This class honestly just seems incredibly interesting. A class like this will have you viewing and analyzing the world in a new light while also being very in tune with your own life.


5. PHO 1500- Photography & Society

Somewhat related to the course above, capturing daily societal encounters through photography can be a really meaningful experience and make this a memorable course.

6. SOC 1100- Sociology of Prisons

For those of us that find an interest in learning about the freakier side of the mind and how prison and humans correlate, then here you go.

7. TVF 1507- International Cinema

Movies. From. Around. The. World.


8. MUS 1085- Pop Music Non-Western World

Music is a large aspect of a lot of people’s lives, so learning about the pop music scene from the eastern world sounds really appealing. Yes, this will most likely include k-pop.

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9. PSY 2240- Psychology of Women

Since we are complex, interesting and beautiful creatures, if seems only right there is a whole course dedicated to us. Psychology is awesome to begin with so focusing on women makes it even better. Feminists unite!

10. ENG 1072- The Fairytale in Literature & Film

Starting the list off with English and ending it with English, this course is basically every little girls’ dream. Sign me up now.

Also keep in mind that St. John’s offers a vast array of language courses to take including Modern and Ancient Greek, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, Japanese and Latin. Don’t forget about our campuses abroad in Rome, Paris and Seville where even more awesome courses can be taken!


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