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10 Autumn Meal Ideas You’ll Love This Season

10 Autumn Meal Ideas You’ll Love This Season

Looking to try out some new recipes this Fall? These Autumn meal ideas will keep you busy all season! So slap on your apron, invite some people over and get cooking! Lots of hearty meals to be made this season so keep yourself busy and try them all!

1. Pumpkin chili

Pumpkin chili is the first on our list, and how seasonal! This can be made in smaller portions or a big cauldron of it to feed everyone for the whole night!

2. Wild mushroom tartlets

A tasty appetizer for any meal with such a nice aesthetic to it. The wild mushroom tartlets are delicious, the mushrooms pair so nicely with the crunchy pastry bowl. It will anyone wanting a second serving!


3. Roasted pumpkin seeds

More of a snack than a meal, but an absolute classic side with such Fall vibes. The roasted pumpkin seeds, if baked right and seasoned them to your liking, you could munch on this tasty snack all night, or sprinkle it onto any one of your favorite meals for a nice touch

4. Pumpkin spiced latte

ALL ABOARD THE FALL TRAIN! The pumpkin spiced latte is a staple in the season, but you don’t have to head over to your nearest Starbucks to enjoy it! Whip up some in the comfort of your own home, cozy up next to the fireplace with your favorite book or movie, and have a relaxing night, you deserve it.

5. Pumpkin bread with maple glaze

This moist pastry will win you over immediately and have you wishing that Fall could last a bit longer before the snow arrives. Pumpkin bread, actually bread in general, can be a tough process to perfect, but I’m sure after the first couple of batches, you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll never look back. The maple glaze is a great touch to tie it all together as well.


6. Pumpkin spice waffles

Feeling seasonal this morning, are we? Whip up a batch of these pumpkin spice waffles to start your day off right this Fall! Top with a cream cheese and cinnamon icing and nothing can ruin your day! So fire up that waffle maker you haven’t touched in years and make these bad boys!

7. Creamy chicken tortellini soup

Creamy chicken tortellini soup is one of the tastiest Autumn meal ideas we got, and it’s not going to change. The delicious blend of chicken, tortellini, and veggies makes for such a hearty soup. If you thought tortellini with pasta sauce was good, wait until you try it out in a soup!

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8. Chicken pot pie soup

Chicken pot pie soup is one of the wicked Autumn meal ideas that spices up the traditional chicken pot pie we all know and love. Very easy to alter into its soupy counterpart as well, and a much more seasonal dish that the whole family or friend group will enjoy! Who knows, maybe you’ll even like it more than the pie!

9. Vegetable quinoa soup

Having another boring quinoa bowl tonight for dinner instead of rice? Spice it up this time and make it a soup! Vegetable quinoa soup turns any quinoa dish into a warming meal for any Fall occasion. Soups are so versatile, I love it!

10. Traditional turkey dinner

The most classic dish of all. If you’re dying of anticipation for Thanksgiving, treat yourself to an early celebration. Spend all day cooking that turkey and preparing those potatoes and veggies and have yourself a feast before the holidays. Don’t feel guilty when your grandma asks you if you’ve been waiting all year for her famous turkey recipe on Thanksgiving…



These are our favorite Autumn meal ideas! Share with your friends and comment which one you’re going to try below!

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