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10 Athletic Sock Brands That Are Worth It

10 Athletic Sock Brands That Are Worth It

Having the best athletic sock brands in your closet is very important, especially if you are serious about keeping your feet free from blisters. It really comes down to the types of socks that you wear when you do your next run or workout. There is a lot of high-quality athletic sock technology that you definitely need to get your hands on ⁠— you’re feet will thank us later!

1) Swiftwick

This is an athletic sock brand that is very popular in the running world because it is such high quality. One aspect you want to focus on when you are choosing an athletic sock brand is to make sure that the socks are made from non-cotton materials. The issue with cotton socks is that they are ruff on your skin and the sweat from your feet simply soaks in which in turn cause blisters! Swiftwick brand is a great athletic sock brand because it is made from non-cotton materials and you never have wet socks!

10 Athletic Sock Brands That Are Worth It

2) Feetures 

Feetures running socks are also made out of non-cotton materials and are very popular in the athletic world. The great thing about Feetures is that they are foot-specific so that the sock is fitted and meant to go on the right and the left foot. This feels especially great for people who have arch soreness and foot injuries. These are long-lasting socks that rarely produce any unwanted holes. They also come in a range of thin, dry-fit socks to thicker socks. 

10 Athletic Sock Brands That Are Worth It

3) Smartwool 

The Smartwool brand is another quality athletic sock brand that is definitely a favorite. At first, a lot of people are confused as to why there is “wool” in the sock brand name. This is because this company created a “smart wool” technology that is called merino wool. This is a non-cotton material that is simply magic. A lot of people who camp, travel, and work out often use this brand because this breathable material literally does not smell. You can use these socks for multiple days and you will never get that dirty sock smell! This is highly recommended. 

10 Athletic Sock Brands That Are Worth It

4) Balega 

Balega socks are a quality athletic sock brand that also feels so soft on your feet. Balega socks are also made out of non-cotton materials and they are especially recommended for people with sensitive skin on their feet and are prone to foot blisters. They’re also feet specific socks and are long-lasting and high quality. They also have the best colors available. You really can’t go wrong with Balega socks! 

10 Athletic Sock Brands That Are Worth It

5) Bombas

Bombas is a great choice of socks. If you are looking for an athletic sock brand that is extremely comfortable, then these may be the socks for you. This is also a brand with a purpose because for each sock that you purchase, then there are socks donated to homeless shelters around the United States. Investing in these socks ensures quality, comfort, and cuteness. There are countless styles and patterns available. They also have the no-slip tab feature so that they don’t slip in your shoes. These come in packs and are a great gift for anyone who is looking for quality socks and also to help a meaningful cause. 

10 Athletic Sock Brands That Are Worth It

6) CEP Socks 

CEP is an athletic sock brand that specializes in compression technology. There are different types of compression socks available ranging from a lower-cut sock to taller knee-high socks. The compression socks are a great choice for people dealing with foot injuries and blood circulation while walking and working out. A lot of runners use these socks when they are running longer distances to make sure their body is responding to the workout the way they would like. CEP socks really help out your body and muscle recovery and we find more and more people using these socks and calf sleeves to protect their bodies!

10 Athletic Sock Brands That Are Worth It

7) Saucony

Saucony athletic socks are made out of non-cotton materials and are very comfortable. The socks are cushioned in the toe pad and the heel pad for increased comfort while you are working out. There is also a slightly tighter band that wraps around the arch of the foot that will make your foot feel more secure and supported. The Saucony sock brand is known for being extra soft and plush in the cushioning. These are great because they usually come in packs for a relatively cheaper price! 

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10 Athletic Sock Brands That Are Worth It

8)Lululemon Socks 

If you are looking for high-quality trendy socks, then the Lululemon socks are for you. These are some of the best socks on the market and really are fantastic for athletic training. There are also the socks with the no-slip tabs available so that they don’t slip in your shoes!

10 Athletic Sock Brands That Are Worth It

9) Stance

Stance running socks is another high-quality athletic sock brand that you need to know about. These socks really keep their form so, after a year of use, the socks still look like they are brand new. The brand also has a lot of trending styles and patterns that are so cute. The tab feature is has been perfected in this brand and your socks really won’t slip. It is also a great feature to prevent blisters on your heel. 

10) Nike Sports No-Shows

The Nike brand spandex and polyester socks are a solid choice when you are looking for socks for any type of athletic activity. These have the tab feature and are very light-weight and flexible for movement. The material also wicks away any sweat keeping your feet dry as you workout. 

10 Athletic Sock Brands That Are Worth It

Out of all of the athletic sock brands available, we hope that you choose the ones that are best for your feet. A lot of athletes swear by their specific athletic sock brand. Which brand do you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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